November 07, 2007

The dumbest football fines ever!: Some of these are pretty funny. While others make you wonder, just how much time does the league actually have on it's hands?

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They left out John Randle getting fined something like $25K for wearing too much eye-black, which I think was the same week that John Lynch get fined only $5K for a dirty hit that injured someone.

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The scrum ended with Turley emerging from the pile (somehow) holding Robinson's helmet, which he promptly threw across the field before he gave the Meadowlands the finger. I am not sure if anyone else remembers this one or not. I was watching it on TV, and thought that Turley was going to tear Robinson's head off inside his helmet, while trying to pull that helmet off.(there was no somehow to it) Then he threw that helmet a good 30-40 yards down the field, and just went and sat on the bench. He knew his night was over. Truthfully he was lucky to get off with the fine he did get, and nothing more.

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Some good memories here. I do remember that game jojo, funniest part of that whole thing was one of the announcers asked the other "Can you tell if his head is still in there" to which he answered "I can't tell, I dont see it but if it is he (Turley) needs to try out for the discus event."

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You're right, jojo, Turley basically picked Robinson up off the ground by his face mask, but Robinson had done a fairly good impression of a guy who wanted to rip Aaron Brooks' head off a minute or so earlier. Just goes to show, two wrongs don't make your neck feel very good.

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Also, as much as I dislike the steelers, being a Cleveland Browns Fan, I sure would have loved to see Cowher stuff that pic down the ref's shirt. Cowher was always good for some really cool distorted faces and screaming. Those faces were the best, it looked as if he were going to Sh!$ himself right there most of the time. Then the spitting would start when he would scream. I saw a show on the NFL network, where his old players were talking about that. They just said you didn't smile or laugh or do anything until he was done, then you queitly went and dried off! Hilarious!

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