July 27, 2007

NFL Camps Open without Michael Strahan, Simeon Rice: Training camps around the league have opened without two big names on defense: The Buccaneers cut Simeon Rice and the Giants opened without Michael Strahan, who didn't show up and is reportedly considering retirement. "Jon Gruden didn't have the decency, after all these years and all we've been through together, to talk to me face to face," Rice told the media. "He's the phoniest [expletive] in the world."

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I don't understand the Simeon Rice decision. The Bucs didn't want to pay him his salary if he was going to miss some time with a shoulder injury? So, they can spend money on signing their 35th QB, Daunte Culpepper? The QBs are going to have all day to throw the ball against the Bucs non-existent pass rush. Simeon Rice had a pretty bad year last year even before his injury, but I thought he was going to be motivated to play because of it is a contract year. Now the Lions are going to end up with Simeon with a chip on his shoulder. "Always bet on black" was my favorite part. The Strahan situation is interesting. Is it a screw-you to the ex-wife or is it another early retirement to avoid Coughlin? Or neither, it's just more fun when it is like a soap opera.

posted by bperk at 04:36 PM on July 27, 2007

"Always bet on black" was my favorite part Didn't Wesley Snipes say that in one of his more recent straight-to-DVD movies?

posted by BornIcon at 12:01 PM on July 30, 2007

I don't know. Snipes did say it in Passenger 57.

posted by bperk at 01:21 PM on July 30, 2007

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