May 07, 2007

Bulls 0 : - Pistons 1
Cavs 1 - Nets 0
Suns 0 - Spurs 1
Warriors 0 - Jazz 0

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The Magic can still come back.... Gooooo Magic!

posted by LostInDaJungle at 02:47 PM on May 07, 2007

My respect for Steve Nash skyrocketed as I watched the final 2 minutes of the game yesterday. I definately wanted the Spurs to crush the Suns, but it just didn't feel right with Nash on the bench. I hope he's 100% for game 2. BTW, who is Nash guarding in this series? They had Jones on Parker, Bell on Finley, and Marion on Ginobli. Was he guarding Bowen? It seems like the Suns try to hide Nash on D. In all honesty, if you're going to win the MVP three times in a row, Defense should be a prerequisite. I am not knocking anything he does on the offensive end, just in case you want to start listing his accomplishments. The Spurs should post his little ass up and make him work.

posted by yay-yo at 03:15 PM on May 07, 2007

I loved that after the Nash/Parker collision, Tony Parker has to get treated for the bump on his head meanwhile Nash is obviously the more injured one. Those Spurs are tough!

posted by bperk at 03:20 PM on May 07, 2007

WHY IS THE WEST SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING? I have always liked the East better, but I can not get into any of the games. Both West series should be fun to watch. I can't wait to see the Jazz-Warriors match-up. I don't think that this series will be as psycological as the Mavs series, and that's why the Jazz probably have the edge. It basically all depends on whether or not the Warriors can handle Boozer. I do think that it is funny that most commentators have said that the Warriors won't have the edge because now they have to play a more athletic team.... WHAT? How are the Dallas Mavericks NOT athletic. Devin Harris, Jason Terry, Josh Howard? I guess maybe inside, but Dallas couldn't play their big guys much anyway. I'm a little confused by that. Spurs-Suns series should be really exciting also, but everyone is saying that whoever wins that series will win it all.... I think this year might be a toss-up year. It might be a surprise year as far as Champions go.

posted by Snikastyle at 04:22 PM on May 07, 2007

I have been waiting for this thread. I had the privilege of being at Saturday night's game and it was a great time (well not for the Bull's fan next to me who flew in from Chicago for the game). Basically the Pistons blew Chicago out of the water. After the first quarter it wasn't even close. Two keys for the Pistons early on where their dominance on the offensive boards and aggressive defensive play, especially Lindsay Hunter, which accounted for several of their twelve steals. Chicago's guards had immense difficulty guarding Hamilton and Billups and they made them pay by accounting for 40 points. I thought that the Pistons were able to prevent the Bulls dribble penetration very well especially since they're able to pull whoever is guarding Wallace off to collapse the paint. The difficulty of having a guy like Ben Wallace in the line up is it creates an offensive liability, especially when he isn't dominating the glass. One play that comes to mind is when he was passed the ball and had the oppurtunity to take an uncontested short jumper but instead passed to another player. I'm sorry, but against a quality lineup like the Pistons the Bulls are going to have to seriously compensate for Wallace's lack of production, especially if he isn't dominating on the boards. Of course a testament to either the Pistons strong defensive play or the Bulls weak shooting was the fact that Wallace was indeed third on the team in points. Of course, when the team is only shooting .643 from the line they aren't making things eaiser themselves. Finally, as I write this Chicago is losing by 16 while being outrebounded by ten. However, Wallace is leading the team in points. Interesting indeed.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 08:12 PM on May 07, 2007

buddy i dont know if you were watching the same game as me but the Pistons are absolutely hacking the Bulls on defense. Instead of playing defense they reach n grab shirts n get away with it while the Bulls are getting called for every tick tacky call. It is clear that the refs are pro detriot so you cant say the Pistons are so great

posted by soccerstud3675 at 09:04 PM on May 07, 2007

Even if the refs are PRO detroit, these first two games shouldn't be soooo one sided. The Pistons are making the Bulls look bad. They have to get it together before game 3 or this will be a sweep, and really boring. I thought the Bulls looked phenomenal against the Heat, no matter what the refs had to say. However, the Bulls look oh so promising for their near future.

posted by Snikastyle at 09:10 PM on May 07, 2007

I am upset with the scheduling of playoff games, and the braketing. Why the hell are the suns playin the spurs in the semis? That should be western confrence championship! Now it will be something like Suns- Warriors or Spurs -Jazz, is that worth watching?

posted by dlopez916 at 09:49 PM on May 07, 2007

I was kind of confused by some of the defensive matchups the Bulls were choosing. They seem to want to hide Ben Gordon and I'm not sure I get it. In alot of ways the Bulls matchup as younger mirror images of the Pistons. Leave Gordon on Hamilton with single coverage and make him play 40 minutes a game, I don't care if he gets tired. Gordon would do well to learn a few things about Hamilton's game. Leave Deng on Prince for the same reason. Billups will pretty much beast any PG 1v1 because he's so strong, but Hinrich just about the best defender at his position left in the playoffs. Put Big Ben on Rasheed and PJ Brown/Thomas on whoever else they play. Webber is cagey but he's so flatfooted Thomas ought to be able to handle him if he'd just pull his head out of his ass and realize that Webber's game is more YMCA than NBA right now. This series really kind of has the Raptors/Nets series written all over it, where one team is younger and maybe a bit better but they're kinda stupid and don't know what playoff basketball is. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think this is one of those matchups where, if you're Chicago, playing to win isn't as important as taking your lumps, sticking players where they're uncomfortable and need to improve, and playing for next year. Even though I hate to say it, Sports Guy might be right about the Ben Wallace trade.

posted by chmurray at 01:16 AM on May 08, 2007

Holy crap, a Suns-Warriors conference final would be the most entertaining series in NBA history. A Jazz- Spurs final would not.

posted by sic at 03:55 AM on May 08, 2007

Does anyone besides me think think that Baron Davis' beard can win the Utah series by 'itself'? Has anyone seen how perfect that beard is? Ok, I have beard envy! I'll admit it, I have no shame.

posted by BornIcon at 04:52 AM on May 08, 2007

BI, I have recently began growing a beard, and am hopeful that it too can single-handedly dominate superior regular season NBA teams. Utah has no chance.

posted by brainofdtrain at 07:13 AM on May 08, 2007

Leave Gordon on Hamilton with single coverage and make him play 40 minutes a game, I don't care if he gets tired. Gordon would do well to learn a few things about Hamilton's game. Leave Deng on Prince for the same reason. I think that's a great way for the Baby Bulls to learn all about championship basketball.... As they completely get blown out of the building. The Bulls need Gordon and Deng to score if they hope to win and making Gordon chase after Hamilton all night is guaranteed to take him off his game on the offensive end. Deng will have trouble with Prince, too - but that seems like a better match-up. I think the Bulls need to go zone and try to turn the Pistons into a jump shooting team. They'll still probably lose, but they'll have a slightly better chance. I am surprised how one-sided that series is right now. I bet the Bulls play better in Chicago, but they have been thoroughly outclassed so far. Detroit's got that "on a mission" look to them like they did when they smoked the Lakers.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 08:02 AM on May 08, 2007

Brain, If you can grow a beard like Baron's, not only will you dominate regular season NBA games, just imagine what you can accomplish in the playoffs. My beard doesn't even come close to his so therefore, I'll stick with the goatee. It can get things done but not as effective as the full look. Also, make sure you clean up the edges just like the Baron.

posted by BornIcon at 08:52 AM on May 08, 2007

* sniff sniff * I hate the Pistons. Better luck in Chicago. Leave Gordon on Hamilton with single coverage and make him play 40 minutes a game, I don't care if he gets tired. Gordon would do well to learn a few things about Hamilton's game. Leave Deng on Prince for the same reason. The point is to beat the Pistons not build up Gordan's defence. He is NOT the that great of a defender and thats why Rip is tearing them up. I haven't seen either of the games cause I was in the Mts. but from what i hear the Bulls need to go zone. Probably 3-2 to keep Rip and Billups from draining every three. Baron's beard has the raw power to just take over games while his opponents wither before its mighty strength. Now the Bulls need to grow a few, Ben Wallace would look good with a beard and afro.

posted by TelamarketersBeware at 09:00 AM on May 08, 2007

defence You guys really need to stop with that. It's DEFENSE!!! Unless you're talking about jumping over de fence. OK?

posted by yay-yo at 09:45 AM on May 08, 2007

Ben Wallace would look good with a beard and afro True, but ponder on this: When the time comes that Baron is no longer on this earth, will they send his beard to the same cryonics company in Scottsdale, Arizona that Ted Williams is in so that they can bring it back on a later date?

posted by BornIcon at 09:50 AM on May 08, 2007

You guys really need to stop with that. It's DEFENSE!!! Not where I'm from it ain't. It's defence.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 10:23 AM on May 08, 2007

This beard talk begs for Chuck Norris type jokes. Did you know Baron Davis was the fourth wiseman? He brought the baby Jesus the gift of beard.

posted by vito90 at 10:44 AM on May 08, 2007

Good one, vito but did you know that Baron Davis' beard came in 2nd place next to Leandro Barbosa of the Suns for the Sixth Man Award? True story.

posted by BornIcon at 10:56 AM on May 08, 2007

Baron Davis built a time machine and went back in time to stop the JFK assassination. As Oswald shot, Baron Davis met all three bullets with his beard, deflecting them. JFK's head exploded out of sheer amazement.

posted by HATER 187 at 11:25 AM on May 08, 2007

Now that was funny HATER. I have a question though. Was it Baron that built the time machine or was it his beard?

posted by BornIcon at 11:43 AM on May 08, 2007

BornIcon, if and when the Baron meets his unfortunate demise, The Beard Will Go On.

posted by apoch at 12:13 PM on May 08, 2007

The Beard Will Go On Thanks apoch. Now my life is complete and I can sleep well at night knowing that The Beard will continue to live on. For now on, can we all agree that it'll be known as 'The Beard'?

posted by BornIcon at 12:17 PM on May 08, 2007

Baron Davis' beard successfully held off the Persians at Hell's Gate. Unlike the rest of the Spartans, it survived. You know how to figure out if Baron Davis' beard wants to kill you? It must not - because you're still alive.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 01:38 PM on May 08, 2007

If you're to comment on The Beard , please address it properly. It no longer wants to be known as Baron Davis' beard just 'The Beard'. Please show no disrespect or as Weedy pointed out, "If The Beard wants to kill you? It must not - because you're still alive." I just got the chills....It's almost Ricky Henderson-esque.

posted by BornIcon at 02:00 PM on May 08, 2007

Baron Davis' beard just signed Roger Clemens.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 03:54 PM on May 08, 2007

The Beard won't return Spielberg's phone calls. The Bears's penis is so big, it's got it's own penis, and even it's penis' penis is bigger than your penis. (Shamelessly stolen from Drew Carey's 101 penis jokes.)

posted by hawkguy at 04:16 PM on May 08, 2007

The Ultimate Showdown: The Beard vs. Greg Maddux

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 07:52 PM on May 08, 2007

The Beard hasn't been around long enough to mess with Maddux.

posted by yay-yo at 09:49 PM on May 08, 2007

So now The Beard is a two-sport athlete? Incredible! Next thing you know, The Beard will take up Greco-Roman wrestling to battle 1996 Olympic Gold medalist Kurt Angle in TNA.

posted by BornIcon at 07:42 AM on May 09, 2007

The Army is going to recruit The Beard to go kick some ass in Iraq. Then he'll hunt down Bin Laden and rape him till he craps bombs and pukes RPGs.

posted by TelamarketersBeware at 08:07 AM on May 09, 2007

Even Zues has shown sign of jealousy towards The Beard

posted by Snikastyle at 09:42 AM on May 09, 2007

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