April 20, 2007

The Legend of Broadway Joe: "I'm no hypocrite," Joe said. "I don't hide anything." He paused to finish his drink before continuing. "I drink for the same reason I keep company with girls. It makes me feel good. It takes away the tension." A biography in booze: Modern Drunkard Magazine climbs inside Joe Namath's pads and sloshes around for a while.

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This is supposed to be a post about a pitiful drunk. However we are looking at an article written in PC 2007. This would never have been written or considered outre in the 60s & 70s. Then, most everybody drank, smoked, and or did drugs.There is more than a little truth to the 60s slogan "If you can remember the 60s you weren't there" People enjoyed themselves.

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Modern Drunkard Magazine. I love it. Can't wait to order my convention t-shirt. Broadway Joe was a classic, all the way. That, and he must have drank more than pretty much any athlete. I've read the biography "Namath," and it's a great book. The idea he played better after being out all night drinking and running around with hot chicks, not getting in until around 5 a.m. the day of the game, says something about him. I'm just not quite sure what. He'd play after staying home and getting to bed early, sober, and throw several interceptions the next day. I'd love to be able to experience a week in Joe's life during his prime. He probably has some mind-blowing memories, at least those he can recall.

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Dude, I was over at the pot smokin football players thread and somebody said that some guy named Joe had somethin to drink over here. Whatcha readin?

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Hey you only live once!!!

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I read his autobiography more than a few years back and I came out liking him what he did is his own business and according to an interview I saw of him this past winter on 60 minutes he is sober now hey more power to him you know he did make an ass of himself on national tv that probably still hangs over him

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