March 31, 2007

(Un)Holy Toledo!: University of Toledo football player Harvey "Scooter" McDougle, Jr., has been arraigned on charges of point shaving in connection with Toledo football and basketball games.

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Does he use a Mach 3 Turbo? Thats my favorite!

posted by sickleguy at 04:35 PM on March 31, 2007

Does he use a Mach 3 Turbo? Thats my favorite! Especially to get the finer points...

posted by bobfoot at 09:16 PM on March 31, 2007

This guy needs to be put away for a long time!

posted by The Tribster at 04:15 AM on April 01, 2007

How can a guy who plays for TOLEDO shave points?it's TOLEDO?when was the last time they won ANYTHING?they all are shaving points by playing for,everybody say it with me:TOLEDO.

posted by mars1 at 01:56 PM on April 01, 2007

Mars, you may want you check your MAC stats.

posted by justcurious at 03:26 PM on April 01, 2007

mars, a smart gambler will always pick a small school that flies beneath the radar. When irregularities occur at Duke or North Carolina, people notice. If you can find a guy at a lower-profile program, you're much less likely to draw attention. Speaking of Toledo, they were the MAC Regular Season Champs, had the MAC Coach of the Year, and the Defensive Player of the Year. They went to the NIT, where they lost to FSU. Just because you don't know about them doesn't mean they suck.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 05:00 AM on April 02, 2007

TBH; My words exactly!!!!! GO ROCKETS!!!!!

posted by oh2rooper at 08:27 AM on April 02, 2007

GO ROCKETS + 7 1/2

posted by oh2rooper at 08:37 AM on April 02, 2007

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