September 18, 2002

Obsess much?: Mix two parts of statistical overload, three parts of OCD, and someone who really doesn't like one particular football player on the Steelers team (Jason Gildon), and you get "The Gildong Report." Brought to you weekly with screen captures and richly annotated notes a mere day after the game, for over FOUR years.

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Thank you. This is brilliant. I'm picturing a one-room hovel over a bowling alley in the worst part of Pittsburgh with a single naked lightbulb shining on a sweaty, moving-into-middle-age overweight Steelers fan pounding away at the keyboard hunt-and-peck style with a 13" b&w TV and a Gildon-covered dartboard his only distractions.

posted by yerfatma at 12:06 PM on September 18, 2002

Wow... I'm surprised his parents let him use their internet connection this much while he stays in their basement.

posted by patrickje at 01:43 PM on September 18, 2002

Excellent link.

posted by elsoltano at 02:15 PM on September 18, 2002

This is big-league obsession. I mean, play-by-play? Now this guy, on the other hand, is strictly minor-league, although he shows potential for greatness. He certainly covers all his bases.

posted by rabi at 03:26 PM on September 18, 2002

As a Cleveland native I can only take pride that the entire nation is presumably joining in with us in our two favorite hobbies. Hating the Ravens and the Steelers is obviously a lifelong obsession shared by people other than myself. In fact, using the scientific tool known as "Google" I am able to determine that the Browns are the most loved team in the AFC. "Browns Suck" - 51 results "Ravens Suck" - 106 results "Steelers Suck" - 108 results "Benglas Suck" - 58 results

posted by elsoltano at 04:42 PM on September 18, 2002

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