January 28, 2007

Goodbye Gump: You were a big reason why I became a goalie. I tried never to miss a game when he came to town. Mask....Gump didn't need no stinkin' mask.

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I remember seeing him play in the late '60s. Funny, he looked like he was 77 then !

posted by wdminott at 01:47 PM on January 28, 2007

WOW!! I could never imagine playing goalie w/out the mask. he's the man...

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 02:12 PM on January 28, 2007

From Wikipedia:

Accused by Ranger's coach Phil Watson of having a beer belly, he replied "He should know better than that. He knows I only drink scotch."
Gump also loaned his name to the title of a song by Huevos Rancheros (scroll down for a preview).

posted by Amateur at 07:55 PM on January 28, 2007

My favourite Gump story is, when asked by a reporter which team gave him the most trouble, he answered, "The Rangers" , he was playing for New York at the time!

posted by tommybiden at 08:56 PM on January 28, 2007

If ever there was a guy who looked like a hockey player, with a name that sounded like a hockey player's name, it was Gump Worsley. I don't care during what era the guy played, anyone who played goalie without a mask, and compiled the stats he did, has some really big balls.

posted by dyams at 08:54 AM on January 29, 2007

and compiled the stats he did This is another example where wins by a goalie (or a pitcher) isn't really a good indicator of skill. He retired with a record of 335 wins, 352 losses and 150 ties, with 43 shutouts, and a goals against average of 2.91.

posted by grum@work at 10:35 AM on January 29, 2007

335 wins, 352 losses and 150 ties Anyone who can stand in goal for that many games, period, is a star in my book. I was mainly impressed by the goals against average compiled over that many decisions.

posted by dyams at 11:24 AM on January 29, 2007

My father was a big fan. Apparently, when my older sister was still in vitro, he tried to convince my mom that regardless of gender they should name the child "Gump". To Stacie's eternal benefit, my mother was not amused or agreeable.

posted by hincandenza at 01:58 PM on January 29, 2007

I seem to remember some program notes about Worsley in a Bruins vs Rangers program from the 60s. The gist of it was that he was an avid soccer player in the off season, but played forward, not in goal. Gump Worsley was one who made hockey fun to watch.

posted by Howard_T at 08:11 PM on January 29, 2007

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