January 24, 2007

The Ultimate Super Rankings.: ESPN's Page 2 ranks every team from every Super Bowl.

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Also The Ultimate Leftovers lists the Top 10 teams that didn't make the Super Bowl.

posted by kirkaracha at 03:27 PM on January 24, 2007

The 96' Packers and the 04' Patriots are both ranked way to high on that list.

posted by ggermanctl at 06:21 PM on January 24, 2007

I'm biased towards the 92/93 cowboys, but I guess I can't complain about a number 4 ranking. That said, I don't ever remember seeing a team as dominant as the 85 bears. I'm guessing their offense kept them from number one, but with their defense it hardly mattered. They would have been my number one.

posted by justgary at 10:51 PM on January 24, 2007

That was a fun read! Thanks for the link.

posted by vito90 at 11:31 PM on January 24, 2007

That said, I don't ever remember seeing a team as dominant as the 85 bears. You know, that's what I was thinking. The only team even close to them was the '86 Giants. Very similar teams, bland offense, stellar defense.

posted by hellamarine at 12:03 AM on January 25, 2007

I may be biased but I think it should have gone 49ers, Steelers, Bears for the top three. Look at who the Steelers Beat along the way compared to what the Bears did. Oh well, interesting article though. I was sad to see the 94 Steelers weren't on the ultimate leftovers list.

posted by Steel_Town at 11:40 AM on January 25, 2007

I'm sorry but the '85 Bears are ranked too low, and I am not a Bears fan. Without a doubt they are the best. That team is still revered today, it's who every other great team is measured against. I haven't heard anyone mention the 89 Niners since 1990. You can't judge great teams by stats alone. I don't care if the margin of the Niners two losses were less than the Bears one loss. Last time I checked, the team with one loss has a better record than the team with two. Not only that but the Bears lost to the best team in the AFC, at the time, on the road. Plus the Dolphins were playing for history and to preserve the '72 Dolphins' legacy. The Niners lost two games at home, one to a mediocre Packers team that did not make the playoffs. Majkowski was the GB QB mind you, not Favre. The Bears played every NFC team who made the playoffs that year and shut out three of them, beat the defending champ 49ers on the road and crushed the other 10 win team Redskins 45-10, before Theismann had his leg permanently adjusted. Plus three of the four AFC teams the Bears played that year made the playoffs as well. The 89 Niners played the AFC East where 9 wins was enough to win the division. One last thing, the 85 Bears scored more points than the 89 Niners. It's no contest. And I partly agree with Steel Town that at least one of the Steeler teams should be ranked higher than the Niners as well. There's my two cents, maybe more like 3 or 4, but oh well.

posted by jck99 at 12:42 PM on January 25, 2007

Jck you don't contradict yourself at all. You say the '85 Bears are ranked too low at number two. You also say that the team with one loss has a better record than the team with two. In that case, it seems only logical that the '72 Dolphins should be the number one team since they didn't lose a single game. And if that is the case, then that would put the Bears the same place they are now, at number two.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 02:11 PM on January 25, 2007

Ying Yang, maybe you stopped reading my paragraph after getting to the one-loss part. That was only one small part of the argument. Logic would tell you to read through to the end. Anyhoo, it was long and I don't blame you if you were too tired. But I made numerous other compelling points. My point of mentioning the one-loss versus two-loss comment was that ESPN's article made it sound like the Niners two losses were more impressive than the Bears one. I disagree. I do agree with you that zero losses is more impressive than one loss. But again, only part of the story. In your world, the '72 Dolphins would be number one. Every team with only one loss would be tied for second best. Every team with two losses would be tied for third. Every team with 3 losses would be tied for fourth. You get the point, and so on and so on. Life would be simple. But that's not reality. The '72 Dolphins played exactly one team with a winning record during the regular season, the 8-6 Chiefs. Wow, how impressive. Three tight, non-dominating victories in the playoffs and the Dolphins were indeed undefeated. Since ESPN was ranking the best single teams, I don't think you'd find too many people who actually think the '72 Dolphins could hang with the '85 Bears, '84 or '89 Niners, Steelers, Cowboys, etc. If you have time to respond, please take the time to read the entire paragraph first. I'd love to hear your other points, if you have any.

posted by jck99 at 07:22 PM on January 25, 2007

I made numerous other compelling points. And not one of them pointed out your amazing modesty. Go figure. Also, I'm eager to see if you're able to be more condescending in future posts. You've set the bar pretty high for yourself, though.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 04:54 AM on January 26, 2007

Black Hand, it sounds like you've had some experience with it as well. Judge not, that ye be not judged, or something like that. Anyhoo, I'm just one man with an opinion and wanted to give actual reasons for my thoughts besides the standard "I think Team A is the best ever, the end". Pardon me and my compelling points.

posted by jck99 at 10:06 AM on January 26, 2007

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