December 29, 2006

MLB Resolutions: What better way to set goals for 2007 than with New Year's resolutions for some of baseball's biggest and brightest. (Grum, there is even a shout out for you.)

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I'm a fan of Jeff Passan. He's forced me to re-think my opinion of Yahoo! sports - as mjkredliner said recently, their original content is no joke. Passan wrote a number of excellent pieces during the 2006 season - here's his archive. His World Baseball Classic interview with Matsuzaka was the only English-language article of its kind that I could locate during the posting mayhem. He didn't exactly have me rolling on the floor with this silly article, but I think it's a hell of a lot better than what Jim Caple and his fellow "jokesters" were able to come up with at ESPN's Page 2. Considering that Passan is a serious baseball writer and those Page 2 fools are paid to be amusing, it really says something about both Passan's skills and Caple et al's lack thereof.

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I'm a fan of Jeff Passan. Ditto. Dan Wetzel, too.

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Julio Franco - Become first active baseball player to be spokesman for Depends diapers

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Jeff Passan says a lot, in not as many words as most scribes. Add: Detroit pitching staff-We resolve to take infield and bunt fielding drills more seriously. Kenny Rogers-I resolve to keep a Moist Towelette in my back pocket, for those pesky food stains I always seem to have during big games. Barry Bonds- I resolve to be more polite to the med...WAIT A MINUTE! Don't these #!!*$%##! KNOW WHO I AM??? Barry Zito- I resolve to buy that apartment house I used to live in when I was only a $500G pitcher, and charge the tenants only HALF the rent, because I've BEEN there. REALLY nice stuff Jeff!

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The Montfort Brothers (we own the Colorado Rockies) - We resolve to spend all of what we get from the good teams from revenue sharing on new additions to our houses. (We certainly won't waste it on payroll).

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I'm a fan of Jeff Passan. Ditto. Dan Wetzel, too. Wetzel writes more flat out foolish things of the two, but I enjoy reading both. This article, though... eh. He took too many of the jokes off the silver platter. Just a little too easy. And I must have read too quickly, because I missed the shout out to Grum.

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And I must have read too quickly, because I missed the shout out to Grum. I think it was reference to this: David Eckstein: I resolve to trademark the words scrap, grit, hustle, guts and heart, and allow them to be applied only to sub-5-foot-9 white guys.

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