September 13, 2006

Continued coverage of the 2006 Red Wings Rookie and Prospects Tournament.: Sportsfilter's own skydivedad scores two more interviews. Interview #1 is with coach Jim Paek. Interview #2 is with promising goalie Dominic Vicari.

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Commentary from skydivedad: The Jim Paek interview is awesome, remember his time with the Penguins watching Mario's back and his S. Korean ancestory make complelling statements about the character of this man. He won a Cup with Pittsburg! He lit up when we talked about coaching these Rookies and Prospects along side Coach Greg Ireland . I can't say enough about Jim and along with Head C oach Greg Ireland they do a fantastic job with the Grand Rapids Griffins preparing young players for the next level. Dominic Vicari played outstanding in the Goalie position in the Staurday Evening Matchup against a powerful Tampa Bay Lightning Squad, throwing a shut-out most of the game before surrendering a late game goal. Being from Suburban Detroit and now playing in the Red Wing system, well he's excited. He played For Michigan State in the CCHA for 3 years. Skydivedad also posted 2 interviews earlier in the the locker room in case anyone missed them. Interview #1 is with prospect Chad Denny, and interview #2 is with left wing Lauri Korpikoski. (last two are youtube links) In addition, here's two pictures skydivedad took of Coach Paek: 1, 2. I thought about putting these in the previous thread, but skydivedad is putting a lot of effort into these and I don't want them to get lost in the shuffle. Thanks for the work skydivedad.

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Jim Paek, cool. I saw him play a game at the tail end of his career (I guess it would have been his final season given that it was 2002), Nottingham visiting Coventry. I was curious if there was any ex-NHLers in that game and it turned out there was (Paek) and it also turned out that he had won two Cups. I'll have to check these clips out.

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SDD: these are so awesome. Great work. I really want to comment on the content, but I just can't get past the fact that you appear to be wearing a press pass around your neck? I'm going to have to work on using SportsFilter to get me a Fenway press pass so I can interview Big Papi about who he thinks should win this year's MVP. Vicari seems a decent enough fellow, which makes me feel good that he never had to suffer a trouncing at the hands of the Colgate Raiders. Looks like he beat Cornell, too, which makes me feel even better.

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I'm just back from the Tournament and I really enjoyed some fantastic Hockey action. I've got some great game action video I'm putting together for you guys , along with some more interviews. This was the 9th Red Wings sponsored Rookies and Prospects Tournament held at Centre Ice and the 1st with 8 Teams sending squads. According to Terry Marchand, GM of Centre Ice, "this was the best one ever" attendance wise (virtually every game was a SO) as well as "a special opportunity to Show Case Centre Ice and the Traverse City Community". Terry and his staff, as well as the community volunteers, did an outstanding job handling all the needs of the 8 participating teams and with the help of The Red Wings Staff put on the finest Tournament of its type in the World. Adding 4 Pro players to each roster also enhanced the level of play and I saw some amazing Hockey Games. Here's the Final Standings. 1st: Columbus Blue Jackets "undefeated" 2nd: Atlanta Thrashers lost 5-1 in Final 3rd: Dallas Stars 6-5 winner over NY 4th: New York Rangers beat Detroit Double OT to face Dallas for 3rd 5th: Detroit Red Wings 4-3 OT vs Blues 6th: St Louis Blues 7th: Tampa Bay Lightning 8-7 in a SO after a Double OT vs. the Wild 8th: Minnesota Wild (Winless) These kids played there Hearts Out and every game was hotly contested. They all conducted themselves with great class. It's an amazing Tournament. It's definitely on my schedule again next year. As an aside I got to spend some time with some of the greats in Hockey. John Davidson (JD the new Blues President), Brett Hull, Dirk Graham, Ken Holland, Coach Babcock, to name just a few, were all in attendance. Well that's all for now I'm putting together a column for you guys hope to post it soon. A special Thanks to justgary for all his help.

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I heart Skydivedad. This is awesome. Viva la SportsFilter.

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Here's a Game Action video from the Tournament for your viewing pleasure. (You Tube) I put this together rather quickly for you guys so it's not my best work. It is the sound of Hockey! Special Thanks to my Great Friend Jerry LeBloch (Drummer for Rare Earth) who allowed me to use his new song "Renegade" for this video........Enjoy....

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Rangers force Overtime (YouTube) against the Red Wing Prospects with under a minute to play trailing 5-3. Bobby Sanguinetti notches an assist and a Game Tying Goal to force OT. Rangers win in the 2nd OT 3 on 3.

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o My God!!!

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The Rangers are stacked between the Pipes! Chicago native and out of the University of Michigan, one of the Nations Top Goalie Prospects, (YouTube) Al Montoya was thrilled to be back in Michigan. This young man conducts himself as a great ambassador for U of M and the Sport of Hockey. The Rangers are blessed to have him. From Michigan Blue to the BlueShirts!

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Like I said the Rangers are absolutely stacked with High Quality Goalies. Both in ability and character. Chris Holt (YouTube) at 6"3" 233lbs of lean and mean is an imposing figure between the pipes but a total class act off the ice.

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skydivedad, this is awesome work. Thanks so much for this.

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