July 26, 2006

Hidden: Reynolds gone. Too Bad. Another quality loss for ESPN: I liked Reynolds as well. He could get out a complete thought without stumbling and bumbling for 30 seconds. (Kruk). ESPN is getting worse and I dred the Sunday countdown show. 10 guys on the set wouldn't surprise me this year. Oh how I wish Limbagh was back on. Amazing how T.O. can say the things he said about McNabb, but Rush makes a better and truer statement while Tom Jackson sits behind smiles and nods, then sticks the knife and twists. I fear for Monday night. I'm just soooo scared!!!!

posted by patsfan73 to baseball at 12:01 AM - 3 comments

You don't have a link, and the story is already coverd a little down the page.

posted by justgary at 12:43 AM on July 26

Deja vue...all over again.

posted by commander cody at 01:05 AM on July 26

ESPN is going completly downhill. Why don't they give all the money they gave to Reynolds to village idiots Dana Jacobson and Jay Crawford. Reynolds has a great baseball mind. Crawford, Jacobson do not know how to conduct interviews.

posted by tim at 03:25 AM on July 26

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