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Michael Vick Admits to Dogfighting, Will Plead Guilty

urall cloolis, You may want to dig deeper and get the whole story next time.Wikepedia only shows part of the story. Michael's family situation was something less than ideal. His mother, Brenda Vick, was 16 when she became pregnant with him. His father, Michael Boddie, was just a year older. Already the parents of a girl, Christina, they did not marry for another five years—at which point two more children, Marcus and Courtney, had arrived. Boddie was away more often than he was home during his children's formative years. After spending 2 1/2 years in the Army, he bounced from one job to another. Eventually he found steady work in the Newport News shipyards as a sandblaster and spray-painter. His days started early and ended after dark. The responsibility of raising Michael and his siblings fell to Brenda. She became their savior. In fact, all the kids chose to use her last name. With help from her parents, Brenda ran a tight ship. The family lived in the Ridley Circle housing project on the city's east side. She kept the cramped three-bedroom apartment immaculate. Brenda worked at a KMart, spending every spare dollar she earned on the kids. It sounds like their a little bit happier with thier mother, his dad was around to make babies, ...and to throw footballs. Sounds great. Again I could be wrong. yerfatma As far as the "circles" that I refer to are people who come from poor urban and rural backgrounds who cannot seem to give up or get rid of people who don't care about thier welfare when they become ultra rich, primarily athletes,not black, brown or white. I could've said that perhaps. I guess you only think blacks have dogfighting rings. Sorry you feel that way. My assumption only. ESPN only did a major story when they had an inside guy to talk to, AFTER the story broke. I have seen smaller stories in the past, but nothing of any real substance at this level. Just like steroids, snitching,etc, no one wants to expose or out our HEROS! or make them mad and not get the HOT SEAT interview. You can't tell me that this wasn't out their earlier. Vick has a long history of questionable activity, and when an organization signs someone like this to such a monster contract, it should be examined a little further than the average person. Besides, he isn't that good as a QB anyway. You may want to check out your own hang ups before you assume what someone else thinks.

posted by patsfan73 at 12:00 AM on August 21, 2007

Michael Vick Admits to Dogfighting, Will Plead Guilty

This is a huge story, not just from an athletic persective, but from a sociatel one as well. I don't think the apologists will be out on this one,however I wish the media would do some deeper reporting on why this is exceptable in "some" circles of society, and what Michael Vicks life was like before his time in college. His brother was, mabey still is, a very troubled person. So there could be a link between their early formative years and what is going on now. I know that his mother has a different last name, perhaps that suggests a lack of a father figure and no male role model. I don't know. I do know that part of this country's problem is the lack of a stable homelife and the "you can't tell me what to do" attitude. Add money and more money sprinkled in with a little "anything you want" and "your never wrong" and this is the kind of person that develops. I just want to add that before people complain about me being a "holly roller" or some right winger that I'm not perfect, done drugs, lived in sin etc,etc, but at some point you need to grow up, hold yourself and your friends accountable to higher standards and stop apologizing for and blaming others for unspeakable behavior. This was a country of free will, but more and more excuses seem to be the dish of the day.

posted by patsfan73 at 03:45 PM on August 20, 2007

Chargers flushed, Peyton vs. Brady again

I don't think that McNabb (or his mom), Delhomme, and Warner would agree with "the legend" in saying that Brady has never won a close game without the foot of his kicker. This may sound foolish, but winning by one is just as good as winning by 6. (7 if you let the kicker out on the field). The legend may want the Pats to only go for two points. Oh ya, they did that yesterday and against Philly in the superbowl. But I guess Brady should've run those in, because you know football IS a one player sport. "My family" thinks Brady is overrated hellamarine, is probably just a sad sack buckeye fan whose top NFL QB was a punter named Tupa. Glad to know that little Skip and cute little Katie are your basis for an overrated ranking. Dork. The fact is that NO ONE that makes a pro team is overrated, mabey OVERHYPED, McNabb, McNair, Manning, combined 0 superbowl wins, but a bunch of MVP awards, that were never actually won, but awarded, but where should I stop. I don't care if someone catches one pass or makes one tackle. It's still more than 99% of us will ever get paid to do.

posted by patsfan73 at 11:40 PM on January 15, 2007

Chargers flushed, Peyton vs. Brady again

They're gonna need it. Sorry for the bad grammer

posted by patsfan73 at 01:03 AM on January 15, 2007

Chargers flushed, Peyton vs. Brady again

L.T may have been upset at the end of the game, but to make the comment that, "It's a reflection of the coach", when a couple of guys dance on the field after winning a game they basicly handed to the Chargers, note- for as many mistakes the bolts made the pats made double, was childlike at best. The fact is it is their house and they let a team come in and smack them around in the second half. Add 2min at the end of the 1st half to that as well. Bills' boys know that you don't have to go 14-2 or 15-1 to be a great team, you just have to know how to win when it counts no matter where you are. Go Pats. There gonna need it.

posted by patsfan73 at 01:02 AM on January 15, 2007

The NFL to play two regular season games overseas.

They may be stretching themselves too thin. Extra Thursday and Saturday games late in the year, along with another network. Will they be taped delayed? I don't think baseball was too successfull and fans didn't care very much. I don't think too many people want to see the Lions play on National TV more than once a year anyway. Just joking.

posted by patsfan73 at 11:36 PM on October 24, 2006

Fox fires Steve Lyons for racially insensitive comment

Sorry to get a rise out of you Chico and Grum. The fact is that Rush WASN'T coming back even though at the time the two guys on the set were nodding in approval and didn't have anything to say after the comments were made. It wasn't until far later when other media picked up on it and were "shocked", that the fallout occured. So he resigned, BEFORE being fired. Also while I may have not purchased a Green Day disc in over a decade you must have missed them all over the NFL opening game, MTV and various mags over the past twelve months with the ability to influence millions of young minds. While you and I may have the ability not to be brainwashed by their music, someone must like what there hearing, because I don't think the typical NFL ticket holder (35-50 year old guy) is rocking to them either. As far as the guidlines go I'm not sure what your talking about. I do not think I made any out of line remarks. With the exception of Rush resigning before being fired, all were just statements of actual events. Unfortunaly with all of the channels and all of the slurping of players on all of the pregame shows these things are going to happen more often because we have fewer talented people on air. I just wonder how many more ex-players ESPN can fit in their studio. That show bites.

posted by patsfan73 at 10:57 AM on October 16, 2006

Fox fires Steve Lyons for racially insensitive comment

Where was the fallout when Bryant Gumble makes remarks about the winter olympics and the lack of true (black) athletes. Oh Ya, he gets the gig on the NFL network for Thursday night games. Rush makes a "True" statement about McNabb NOT winning anything and getting high profile endorsments. He gets the boot. Michael Irvin smokes crack, he gets vacation. Ozzie Guillen makes homophobic remarks, says "Sorry" nothing happens. Anyone see a trend. If your in the majority you pay the ultimate price, minority, a slap on the wrist. Green Day has it right.

posted by patsfan73 at 11:37 PM on October 15, 2006