May 19, 2006

Ohio State's Tressel to get nearly $2.4M this season: Jim Tressel just became the highest paid coach in the Big Ten and rightfully so, he has taken the Buckeyes to 5 straight bowl games winning 4 and 3 of which were BCS bowl games.

posted by Clevelander32 to football at 02:01 PM - 5 comments

I wonder how much of that he would be willing to give to Maurice Clarrett to come back and play (JOKING) From a die-hard Buckeye fan-A salary well deserved-especially looking at the record against Michigan. Keep up the good work-Coach Tressel Now put that money to good use and get us another National Championship GO BUCKS

posted by oh2rooper at 02:23 PM on May 19, 2006

Sorry to be dim, but just so I'm clear: Old guy pulling down multimillions as a coach = ok Young kid making millions as a player = overpaid and spoiled

posted by yerfatma at 02:57 PM on May 19, 2006

I don't quite understand what you're getting to yerfatma. Who said that young kids making millions makes them overpaid and spoiled? Tressel has performed and his pay is justified. We're 4-1 in Bowl Games and 4-1 against Michigan in Tressel's 5 years. Not everyone enjoys Tressel ball, but his formula works.

posted by v3rity at 03:01 PM on May 19, 2006

yerfatma- yeah, that's pretty much it

posted by ksb122 at 03:12 PM on May 19, 2006

Tressel is the best thing in Ohio since Woody Hayes. I hope he stays for a long time

posted by lightman at 09:48 PM on May 19, 2006

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