May 12, 2006

Soccer Flash Friday: I thought I had World Cup Fever but it turns out it was just syphilis. Again. Here's a neat little flash volley-kicking soccer game anyway. Enjoy.

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That's a sweet game, thanks!

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I'm afraid the only cure IS MORE COWBELL! Even more OT, I saw BOC Live about a month ago. "Joan Crawford Has Risen From the Grave" has never sounded so sweet.

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I'll take semi-on-topic for 400 and take this chance to bring up New Star Games' New Superstar Soccer Three, in which you get to play out the career of a footballer from precocious spotty teenager to fat old midfield curmudgeon with dodgy knees. NSS3 is the first version of the game where you get to actually play the games, rather than read a text-based version and, with it's endless leagues to play in and fun, simply-controlled match engine, it's a real laugh. My own illustrious career has seen me go from tubby ginger 17 year old on the left wing with Sligo Rovers in Ireland, to Limerick, Finn Harps, Toulouse in France and, currently, I'm plying my trade as a sleek, dyed-blonde man-about-Europe with PSV Eindhoven in the Netherlands. I'm looking forward to an impending big money move to someone like Newcastle, Atletico or Inter, followed by a stupidly huge money move to Chelsea and, finally, a career living off my reputation in MLS. Download is free and you can play ten games before the credit card has to come out.

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Here is a NSFW penalty kicking game that involves stripping.

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Q: What's worse than your doctor telling you that you have syphilis? A: Your dentist telling you.

posted by owlhouse at 05:36 PM on May 14, 2006

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