April 18, 2006

Memphis's Dire Situation: As a reward for beating the Los Angles Clippers out for the 5th seed, the Memphis Grizzlies get the pleasure of playing the Dallas Mavericks in the FIRST ROUND of the NBA playoffs...while the Clippers will HOST the Denver Nuggets at the same time...

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When the NBA went to the 3-division format, they didn't take into account the potential for a 3-6 matchup where the #6 seed IS the better team than the #3. And this year where the best two teams in the West will meet in the West Semis, the 4th best team plays the 2nd, and Dallas would have to play the three best teams in the West in order to potentially make the finals...this is just whacked up...

posted by chemwizBsquared at 12:00 AM on April 19, 2006

I love the NBA, but until they figure out a way to make the NBA postseason both fair and exciting, they're not going to make many more fans. Whenever there's a situation where throwing a game can help a team, there's something wrong with the system.

posted by uglatto at 12:26 AM on April 19, 2006

I like it, it's like a sacrafice bunt in baseball. Adds an extra level of strategy.

posted by corpse at 07:07 AM on April 19, 2006

Why doesn't a sport (any sport) impose a system where the highest seed gets to choose their opponent? Not only would this make sense, but it would add a little something to every match-up. And just think, they could televise the announcements. Imagine the GM or owner for the #1 seed behind a podium revealing who the team wants to face. The statement would be made with all of the cliches of respect, but it would, at the same time, be the ultimate sign of disrespect. And there would be a ton of strategy that would come in to play as well. You'd have player match-ups to consider. You'd have hot and cold streaks, travel, historical performance, etc. I think that would be fantastic.

posted by 86 at 07:42 AM on April 19, 2006

I wish nba would relegate like epl.

posted by catfish at 02:28 PM on April 19, 2006

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