March 24, 2006

3D live sporting events may come to movie theaters: It's already been done with baseball, NASCAR, MLS and the Tour de France, and at least one theater chain wants to make it a regular event. Via Yaysports.

posted by dusted to general at 01:08 PM - 6 comments

I love how they complain about diminished sales and people not wanting to see movies as much lately. Hey Hollywood stop making crap!!! And hey theaters, stop charging me $9.50 to see this crap!!! I feel bad for kids. I used to be able to see a movie that had been in the theater for a couple weeks for $1.00...and I'm only 26 years old! New movies were only $3.50 a person. With that inflation rate, a Corvette should cost $100,000+

posted by timdawg at 01:39 PM on March 24

I wouldn't mind going to the theater to watch a sporting event if it were cheap enough. Vendors in the aisles sounds pretty cool, too. You could always use it as a simulation game if you have young kids. Take them there first, just to see how he/she reacts during the 'game-day situation.' I could have used it a few years ago when I took my daughter to the 'Big House' to watch Michigan take on Penn State. We didn't even make it through the first quarter before I had to take her home.

posted by wingnut4life at 01:50 PM on March 24

I could see this working for huge sporting events like the soccer World Cup, but for regular weekly matches I don't think many people would bother.

posted by afx237vi at 03:21 PM on March 24

I highly doubt people would choose 2D TV over 3D sporting matches. I would pay a lot to see my Wolverines, Pistons, Lions, or Wings 3D on any given day.

posted by nonchalant at 03:39 PM on March 24

I agree totally with you Timdawg. I can't remember the last time I saw a good movie at the theater....And sadly I go all the time. Also I'd go and watch my favorite teams play live in 3D. I'm sure it would be fun for a while. At least until I start to miss my recliner, my ice cold brews and my refigerator full of food that didn't cast an arm and a leg..

posted by solrac at 06:47 PM on March 24

As a fan of generally bad teams it will be easier to just change the channel in the 1st quarter in disgust rather than sit in a theater watching them get their ass kicked in 3-d Complaining to fake vendors would be sweet though

posted by FozzFest at 12:46 PM on March 25

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