January 23, 2006

Torino 2006 Olympics: Use your own epitaphs: Speaking of apathy does anyone really care if Dick Buttons is making his NBC Olympic Figure Skating announcing debut? I thought not. Questions and commentary by sportsfilter's own skydivedad.

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Let's hope the Italian Government finally approves the $3.6 billion Torino Budget—and with a $97 million estimated shortfall and the Italian government being, well, the Italian government, don't hold your breath if you're an Italian Olympic Contractor. Fortunately, Berlusconi already had a solution in his pocket. Nice column, sdd. I enjoyed it.

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Hee hee. Dick Buttons.

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Super article SD, are you like, a sportswriter or something?? It'll be intersting to see with balmy 40 degree weather if its the cold or the booze making Bode Millers nose red!

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That is some weird ass HTML! Anyway, good job except that Kwan was given the skating spot.

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Kwan was given the skating spot. This was written before the spot was given to her. The HTML+CSS courtesy DrJohnEvans. Thanks Doc.

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Holy crap, something ate up my styling. Paragraph tags were inserted at every line break. It looked beautiful when I was previewing it, but the manual post must've messed something up. Sorry skydivedad.

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