January 20, 2006

Hidden: Davis Gets 5 Game Suspension: Knicks forward Antonio Davis was suspended five games by the NBA on Thursday for entering the stands during a game in Chicago to confront a fan he thought was harassing his wife.

posted by ProSam to basketball at 10:48 AM - 6 comments

Though I think the NBA should have suspended him I think it was too harsh. Two, three games tops is what I think should have been the punishment. The man was just trying to look out for his wife and he did it in a calm and adequate manner. The lawsuit is bogus. That's America for ya.

posted by ProSam at 10:52 AM on January 20, 2006

This goes along with the Joe Horn Jim Mora deal. It just recently happend and it is fresh in everybody's mind. They had to suspend him. He may not have thrown a punch but thats like catching your girl on the couch with another man. They may not have...but what were they doing there in the first place? You can't go into the stands.

posted by tmart937 at 11:01 AM on January 20, 2006

HEY! IN RETROSPECT: The penalty was not long enough. Davis could see there was no altercation, as I am sure his squad would have been in the stands with him. Also, HIS SON, WAS RIGHT THERE! The Brotha OVER REACTED...STRAIGHT UP! HOLLAH IF YOU HERE ME!

posted by DA ASSX3N at 11:03 AM on January 20, 2006

5 games, hmm, can the Raptors find their way out of the cellar in 5 games?

posted by Bill Lumbergh at 11:11 AM on January 20, 2006

Recently I took a group of kids from the local Boys and Girls Club to a basketball game. From the racial slurs directed at the players to the profanity used toward other fans, it was the worst experience. Just because you buy a ticket doesn't give you the right to verbally abuse the players or other fans. The fact that there were little kids around didn't seem to matter. People jump to the chance to bash the players. But what about the morons in the stands. Why shouldn't they be held acccountable for their behavior? I think a lot of it has to do with envy on the part of some fans. If someone offered you millions of dollars to play a game, would you turn it down?

posted by TYLAW#1FAN at 11:17 AM on January 20, 2006

I don't believe he overreacted. He's protecting his family. However, he should have been smarter about where he seated them. I know he played in Chicago and his family may feel comfortable there but he is an opposing player now. A veteran player has to make better decisions....especially when his wife has a big mouth.

posted by vbgjr88 at 11:17 AM on January 20, 2006

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