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Steelers' Porter to Bush: Uhh, Never Mind

Why shouldn't he be allowed the right to express his opinion. What makes your opinion any more of value than his. By the way half of the country must agree with Porter since Bush approval rating is the lowest in history.

posted by TYLAW#1FAN at 09:07 PM on May 17, 2006

Francis shot and killed in Baton Rouge

What a dumb question!!! So what if you are out late than you are asking for bad stuff to happen? Just keep the dumb questions and judgement to yourself. Instead If you believe in God then pray for him and his family.

posted by TYLAW#1FAN at 09:35 PM on May 13, 2006

Two Vikings claim discrimination.

No matter what people say RACE always matters. My problem is white individuals (some not all) who are by nature cowards. And use this form to sprew their racist views. If you have any balls why don't you share your views with an African-American. By the way are you really upset because they make more money in a year then you will in a life time? Or are you upset because it seems that white women love black athletes?

posted by TYLAW#1FAN at 05:39 PM on March 02, 2006

Davis Gets 5 Game Suspension

Recently I took a group of kids from the local Boys and Girls Club to a basketball game. From the racial slurs directed at the players to the profanity used toward other fans, it was the worst experience. Just because you buy a ticket doesn't give you the right to verbally abuse the players or other fans. The fact that there were little kids around didn't seem to matter. People jump to the chance to bash the players. But what about the morons in the stands. Why shouldn't they be held acccountable for their behavior? I think a lot of it has to do with envy on the part of some fans. If someone offered you millions of dollars to play a game, would you turn it down?

posted by TYLAW#1FAN at 11:17 AM on January 20, 2006

Ex-Ohio State Star Runner Wanted for Armed Robbery

TO: Dan H Can we please act as adults and have a civilized conversation. Keep the racists comments to yourself. Why do you assume he is on welfare, because he is black? Despite what Clarett is accused of he is innocent until proven guilty. Rather he is guilty or innocent I hope he can get his life back on track.

posted by TYLAW#1FAN at 09:31 PM on January 01, 2006

Ex-Ohio State Star Runner Wanted for Armed Robbery

I am sure hundreds of other players wish they had the opportunities that Clarrett was given. What a waste of talent. To Dan H., you can't the ghetto out of the boy, just like you can't take the redneck out of the trailer park.

posted by TYLAW#1FAN at 04:02 PM on January 01, 2006