January 06, 2006

Back to back: Team Canada wins its second consecutive World Juniors, pasting the Russians 5-0. Brent Sutter maintains his perfect record as head coach as his trademark physical style keeps the Russian stars in check. Justin Pogge earns his third straight shutout, leaving Leafs fans with a dreamy look in their eyes as they dare to imagine which over-the-hill veteran he'll be traded for one day.

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And Tukka Rask - the Finnish goalie - was named the tournaments best goaltender (on the strength of a 53 save shoutout of the Swedes in the Elimination round) is also a Leaf draft pick. Tukka Rask - what a phenomenal goalie name. Sounds like a demon conjured from the fourth ring of Hell. This win does have a little smell to it - as the Russians sure as hell scored when it was 2-0. Pogge was good, though. Awesome at times. Other story for me was how Steve Downie went from national disgrace (undeserved) to national hero in a span of four months. I would link to the story, but I actually have to do SOME work today.

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Wish I'd been able to watch the game. How 'bout them underdogs?! And speaking of the Leafs, what's this about trading for Malone? I like the kid, have no idea why he's been a healthy scratch, and wonder if he'd flourish in t.dot.

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Was there any boo-ing? Or are the Canadian's fine with Putin's foreign policy? *runs away before STLCardinalfan gets here to tell us about how he knows more about everything in the world because he once fought in a war*

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Re: Booing Yes the Russians were jeered at the start of the game. By the end though, Malkin and the other Russians recognized for their tournaments were roundly cheered by the Vancouver crowd. Actually, Malkin seemed especially touched by the display and acknowledged the crowd when accepting his trophy for best forward of the tourney. I think it helps that the Canucks managed to slaughter the Russians, though. The outcome of the game never seemed in doubt after the third Canadian goal.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 09:30 AM on January 06, 2006

While the missed goal was unfortunate, we can call it even for the obvious missed call in the last minute of a one goal game three (I think?) years ago when, in a massive frenzy, the Russians did a blatant delay of game. Shit happens. At least then, it was a one goal game not a blow-out. And I really hope that once Belfour's done, the Leafs don't go out for another old geezer of a goalie. We have a lot of talent coming up in the goaltender position and it would be wise to develop it -- even if there'll be some growing pains.

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Kessel #1 Johnson #1 visa versa, versa visa. Johnson #1 Kessel #1. Sounds goofy to me. This guy seems kinda short sighted about the upcoming draft. Americans 1 + 2. Come on, what kool-aid is he drinking? Did he watch the Americans Plays in this tournament. Who's he crapping? Anyway, Congrats to you blokes North of the Border.

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Cheap shots aside, Johnson played well defensively and Kessel, despite not being dominant, was leading scorer (despite playing one extra game). You'd be hard pressed to name any other tournament performers that are eligible for the draft this year.

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Now living in Canada after living in the U.S. for nearly 40 years I took great pleasure in rooting against the U.S. and even more pleasure in cheering for Team Canada. My 2 sons and I were whooping it up pretty good! Awesome! Can't wait for the olympics now!

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Speaking of Johnson and Kessel, both should be playing for the Minnesota Gophers next season, and will be eligible to play for the Americans next year in the World Juniors. And actually, most of the players for the US were young and will have another go at it next year. So, while they sucked it up this year, it does give us hope for the youth of American hockey. Congrats Canada, you definitely deserved this win.

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That non-goal was unfortunate. Though I later decided that it could be classified as payback for gaming Salé and Pelletier out of their gold medal in Salt Lake City.

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