October 27, 2005

Hidden: Swoopes Admits To Being Gay: In todays society, many people are homophobic, and afraid of gays. Despite all of this, Swoops admitted to ESPN that she was gay. I admire her for her courage in facing this issue, and maybe peoples perception of gays will be different from now on.

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Missed out on this one yesterday. Great topic though, got lots a folks heated it did.

posted by HATER 187 at 01:58 PM on October 27

Like anybody's going to take you seriously with that asinine, juvenile, ignorant screen name. You "applaud" Swoopes? What a crock of shit. If you really give a damn, do something about your screen name.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 02:15 PM on October 27

I think what she had to say will overshadow how well she said it. Throughout the entire interview she was articulate and well spoken, extreamly rare in a sports interview.

posted by bugsyduke at 02:18 PM on October 27


posted by barry from h-town at 02:29 PM on October 27

Hey The Black Hand- We already had this dicussion about my SN like 3 times- and it got nowhere. I already told you guys it had no meaning- and you guys were making the situation bigger than it had to be. Now about the Post- I do applaude Swoopes. Shes a hell of a ballplayer, and hopefully this will give support to other gays down the road. Not to mention, it gives the WNBA some much needed publicity. But thanks for your opinion. : )

posted by redsoxrgay at 03:06 PM on October 27

Does anyone know the origin of the term "the black hand?" I do. "asinine, juvenile, ignorant?" Do some more research TBH

posted by bugsyduke at 04:04 PM on October 27

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