April 27, 2005

"A few weeks later, the team obtains Tyrone Nesby, who has an athlete's mind and a poet's body.":

Wizznutzz gets some McSweeney's love with "A Brief History of Bacon: A Quarter Century of Washington Basketball."

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"In 2001, Charles Oakley received a one-time cash payment from Balkan Angels, a Serbian massage parlor, because his hair resembled angry whores." Now that is some inspired journalism.

posted by mr_crash_davis at 07:00 PM on April 27, 2005

These guys (as ChaunceyBillups) are amazing writers. To be able to maintain that voice so perfectly is a gift and I hate them for taking their gift away from me for so long. Bring Back CB!

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"The duo's forsaken play-by-play evokes August Strindberg's famous call from the 1900 Olympic soccer final: 'Alas, it's still nil-nil, two sides of this wretched coin called life.' Buckhantz and Chenier's broadcast of a 107-86 loss to the Nets receives a special jury prize at the Gothenburg Film Festival." See what I'm saying? Forget all the people who try to write well on high falutin' subjects; the wonders of the Internet are those people who write well naturally on subjects they love. The topic isn't as important as how you get there.

posted by yerfatma at 08:32 PM on April 27, 2005

That was good but I could have done with them not skipping some years. I mean they had some rich material to work with. No love for '81?

posted by gspm at 09:51 PM on April 27, 2005

oh and hey, i'd trade forks coming back for all the trolls we've been having. and since he's back and the troll storm has died down maybe that trade was made.

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Things I Learned From Jahidi 97. Be a good listener, because sometimes the pizza man knocks quietly. Now that is just cold. Deliciously cold.

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When I find Sports links, here's where I come. Thanks for the love.

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1994 The Bullets sign Australian guard Andrew Gaze to a 10-day contract. Scouts describe Gaze as an Australian Michael Jordan but without the talent or bitter narcissism. On ESPN's popular SportsCenter program, anchor Dan Patrick debuts the catch phrase "And BOOM goes the wallaby!" It fails to catch on. Record: 24-58. Fail to make playoffs.
(Emphasis my own) Wow- my chronology may be messed up since I don't see a date on that McSweeney's other than context suggesting in the last week or so, and certainly either one references the other or they both reference a common source I'm not aware of.... ... but is that "BOOM goes the wallaby" line a callback to this?!?!

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AND BOOM GOES THE WALLABY, does anyone remember the sportcasting kid, And boom there goes the dynamite.

posted by bengalsnation at 09:05 AM on April 28, 2005

Apparently Hal does.

posted by yerfatma at 11:39 AM on April 28, 2005

benglasnation comes in with a comment that suggests he didn't read the previous comment and here comes yerfatma - BOOM goes the dynamite! - a snarky retort to answer. the fans go wild.

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Boom Goes The Dynamite: First a catchphrase. Then an EBAY fad. Soon, a major motion picture.

posted by hoser at 02:38 AM on May 24, 2005

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