April 26, 2005

The Spurs take it to the bank.:

posted by forksclovetofu to basketball at 04:33 PM - 4 comments

Too funny ... a link that only you could dig up, forks.... ;)

posted by smithers at 04:37 PM on April 26, 2005

Welcome back forky! That was '70srrific. I especially liked it when the cat and donkeys were rapping.

posted by NoMich at 08:07 PM on April 26, 2005

More cowbell.

posted by kirkaracha at 08:57 PM on April 26, 2005

i didn't quite catch all the lyrics but was there something in there about 4 more games to the title? and a swepp wiping away three opponents' heads? i recognized steve nash in that group, and they'd be the semi final opponent of the spurs if they both make it that far. is there some hubris in there? now I realize you can't (or at least it is difficult to) whip up quality entertainment like that in the time between the end of semifinals and start of the finals but shouldn't this be under wraps? of course I could have it all wrong.

posted by gspm at 09:43 PM on April 26, 2005

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