April 10, 2005

It was not Dan Marino's fault: Former NFL Kicker Cole Ford fired a shotgun at the Las Vegas home of Siegfried and Roy because they were a threat to the world, according to a psychiatric evaluation. "He saw their illusions as their power to distort and change reality ... he began to figure out how he could stop them."

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God, it's about time someone fired a shotgun at the home of these tiger rapers. I'm just shocked that it involved a Raiders kicker not named Sebastian.

posted by wfrazerjr at 09:15 PM on April 10, 2005

Why did you bring Marino into this? And is that some beyond ZZ Top nasty beard on Cole or what?

posted by billsaysthis at 09:45 PM on April 10, 2005

That's a reference to the great Ray Finkle, the last kicker who veered as far from the posts as Cole Ford.

posted by rcade at 10:10 PM on April 10, 2005

You mean he didn't scream "laces out" as he fired away? Ruins what I had imagined.

posted by chris2sy at 10:28 PM on April 10, 2005

Or, how about this exchange from that same movie: Ace Ventura: [with a German accent] How can I be getting zis vork done mit all de shouting? Reporters: Who's That? Ace Ventura: Heinskitz Velvet! You want to talk to de dolphin, you talk to me. Reporter: What happened to the other trainer? Ace Ventura: Vat happened to him? Vat happened to me?! Seven years I am mit Siegfried. (He holds up only four fingers) Ve are making de dolphins disappear, und den Roy is coming mit de vite tiger und ze shtuffing in de pants und den I'm gone! Second Reporter: [Skeptically] Where is Snowflake? Ace Ventura: Why do you care about de dolphin? Do you know him? Does he call you at home? DO YOU HAVE A DORSAL FIN?! Roger Podacter: Let's got to that conference and let, uh, Heinz do his work? Ace Ventura: [Shooing reporters] Go to de conference, go to it!

posted by chris2sy at 10:42 PM on April 10, 2005

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