April 07, 2005

Monty not Japanese enough to play in Masters...: Colin Montgomery didn't get an invite to this year's tournament because the organisers gave the last invite to Shingo Katayama from Japan. This BBC article says that Hootie Johnson (Masters chairman) "hinted" that this was done to keep Japanese TV happy - for my money, he pretty much just said it.

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Where do you stand on this? I tend to have the view that it's their tournament and they can invite who they like, but at the same time, I feel a bit sorry for old saggy-breasted Monty. At a slight tangent - any of you geniuses know where I can find the full results fo the par 3 contest? Some friends and I had a sweepstake, but can't find a full listing of the results anywhere.

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Well it's hard to find too much fault with this on anyone's side - TV and Tiger are the reasons why these guys get to play for millions, so occassionally these concessions have to be made. Montgomery wouldn't necessarily have been my choice given the natural animosity that has developed between him and many American fans - its too bad that he won't be on its brightest stage.

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JJ, Jerry Pate won the par three thingie. I can't find the full results. Sorry.

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Here's more about the par three event from the official site. Still no full leaderboard.

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As I said - their tournament, their rules - I'm just surprised they deemed it would be better for the tournament to have a relatively obscure Japanese player in the field than it would to have the man who holed the winning putt in the last Ryder Cup. That said, if have Katayama in there will ensure you get an extra x million viewers in Tokyo, then it obviously makes sense. Monty's inclusion wouldn't have attracted anyone in Scotland to watch who wasn't going to anyway.

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Thanks, 86 - frustrating not to have the full statistical breakdown. Not that I'm a geek or anything.

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There are eight recent PGA Tour event winners who have been left off: Joey Sindelar, Jonathan Byrd, Vaughn Taylor, Woody Austin, Bart Bryant, Brent Geiberger, Andre Stolz and Heath Slocum. Why are we focusing on Montgomerie's exclusion? At a minimum, the press should have waited for the biggest drama queen in golf to make a statement expressing his anger and frustration over this decision.

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Forget that loser! Monty hasn't won anything in the US! He may be slimmer and trimmer b ut he still has a fat head! At least an asian won't say something stupid or rile up the fans with chants of Miss Doubtfire! Good riddance to bad rubbish!

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Who, who, who, who, who, who, who and who? [/childish gag] I'm really not a Monty fan, but if we're stating a case for inclusion (and we've somehow overcome the relative disparity in status within the golfing fraternity that exists between the seven-times European Order of Merit winner and someone who's name rhymes with scrotum), then I'd put forward the fact that Monty has travelled all over the world in recent months, playing wherever there have been ranking points on offer, in an effort to haul himself back into the Top 50 in the world so he could play in the tournament. I see they're thinking of maybe reverting to the old system whereby messers Sindelar, Byrd, Tayloe, Austin, Bryant, Geiberger, Stolz and Slocum would get an invite.

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"An asian won't say something stupid?" What, are you Don Rickles or something? Monty might be a crotchety old fart, and he may never make the swimsuit issue, but he's a colorful guy who can still play, and he has a history that people know and love to love (or hate), and there has to be someone else that could be left off instead. I would think.

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Monty hasn't won anything in the US! I'll admit it took me a good ten minutes to find out, but that's not actually true - he won the skins game in 2000. He has also represented his country in the Eisenhower Trophy, the Walker Cup, the Dunhill Cup, the World Cup and the Ryder Cup. He didn't finish worse than 6th in the European Order of Merit from 1991 to 2002, winning it seven times in a row from 1993 to 1999. He's been runner-up once in the USPGA and twice in the US Open. Granted, he's no Brent Geiberger, and his best finish at Augusta in recent times was a disappointing 8th in 1998, and he's got a face like a bulldog licking piss of a nettle, but he's not bad at golf.

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Why don't they just stop inviting those 80-year old codgers who turn up, shoot a score of +45 in the first two rounds and then spend 30 minutes on that bloody bridge waving to fans and having their photos taken.

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Shingo Katayama is Even through twelve. Maybe Monty could have taken Billy Casper's spot. He shot a 106 yesterday.

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... I'd put forward the fact that Monty has travelled all over the world in recent months, playing wherever there have been ranking points on offer, in an effort to haul himself back into the Top 50 in the world so he could play in the tournament. I'd respond with the fact that trying and failing is still failing, and any non-meritocratic system that lets golfers play the Masters shouldn't reward a guy who dogged American fans in the press. Though I do admit it would be fun to watch Monty fail to win the Masters too. Perhaps I should appreciate his ability to inspire dislike.

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Okay, so he won't get in on straight merit. But there are plenty of slots for those on the periphery who might provide a little extra marquee value. People like, yeah, 85 year old geezers who haven't broken par in two decades, or players who might sell the game in a specific part of the world, or just a sentimental favorite who might throw a low score up on the first day or two and provide another angle. Monty belonged in there someplace. (Billy Casper shot a 106? Jeezus. Is he okay?)

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the media is bullshit

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