January 18, 2005

Hope Springs Eternal: I've grown tired of discussing the boardroom antics of the NHL and NHLPA. Instead lets follow Terry Frei's lead and have some faith. If there is a miracle on Wednesday and agreement is reached what kind of hockey season would we have? Terry proposes 3 possible options. I would hedge my bets on option number 2. (Via Colby Cosh)

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I wish I shared Terry Frei's hope that the season might still be saved. I do not have such hope. I hate myself for not having this hope. I can't bring myself to think too much about this stuff. It just makes me sad. I'm sorry, camcanuck. Those scenarios are curious, but hope springs less than eternal here.

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there are also silent rumblings echoing from team management towards players in Europe to be ready for a possible return and for coaches not to make alternative plans. No hopes up here, but the if the League doesn't change its stance in a new proposal, the loss of the entire season is wholely their fault.

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I imagine this meeting will be nothing more than the following: NHLPA: Will you guys accept anything other than a hard cap. We'll even execept a very stiff luxury tax system like the NBA. NHL: Nope, but we'll give you UFA at 27. NHLPA: No thanks. See you in September. Even if they do see some common ground they will be very pushed for time to have the first game of the season on Feb. 22nd. That being said I agree with Fred that the 24 or 28 games would be exciting (but ANY hockey at this point would be...).

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It is hard to point fingers, without Pointing at Gary B.. How long was the cba going to last and how long was it looming without movement from either side. The players and owners make money we only dream about. The worst thing is the way it will affect the fans. The owners state that this will work out in reduced ticket prices. I don't see how they will recoup the loss of the season and revenues without raising prices, and lowering salaries. The players lose money for not playing, and lose money if they go back to playing. I guess I am just a fan who wants to see his team on the ice playing the most exciting, fastest paced game he loves to play and watch. They are both selfish, and ignorant. With the worst representation in pro sports

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What is amazing to me is that a group of very succesful businessmen (ie...owners) think that this lockout and their strategy is actually good one. Their attitude seems to be that they do not want to offer a product of any kind, never mind a better product then they previously offered. Let's be honest...the league was suffering. The product was suffering. Expansion has diluted the talent pool and the leagues desire to cling to the past has made for a slower, duller game. Hockey can be one of the most beautiful, fast, exciting games around (watch some european leagues if you want to see things move) and the NHL has blown it. As a rule I don't feel sorry for professional athletes (living the dream...all of them) but I can't help but think that this is the owners mess and their arrogance that fans are going to come back (they were already running away) seems foolish to me. My $0.02

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from calgarypuck.com I'm not sure if anyone else has been checking this site with regularity, but all season it has been advertising the NHL lockout and the essential suspension of programming. I haven't checked in the past week, but I just surfed by the site and low and behold they are advertising a "half season offer". Okay, I am now willing to finally admit that something is up. The NHL will indeed be back in business in the next two weeks. There is no reason to change the ad if you are not going to get a whack of progamming in short order! - Lanny McDonald The link he speaks of.

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They need to do something, anything, to bring NHL hockey back quickly. Fox Sports Detroit has resorted to showing replays of Tigers games...and no one should be subjected to that...

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Can't say it's always true, but check hockeyrumors once in a while for info. It's a lot better than Spector's, I think.

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That site's a great find, Samsonov. So, looks like there'll be another meeting tomorrow in Toronto. Anyone care to speculate? I wonder if they've decided to do what Brian Burke suggested, which is to take the luxury tax for a few years on a trial basis, and if it leads to similar salary escalation, switch to the salary cap. That solution sounds awfully vague and fraught with peril, though. I could see either side caving at this point. Losing the season would be just terrible, and they all know it.

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i like reading promising rumours. any glimmer of hope brightens the winter. and that was a glimmery rumour if you put any stock into thoughts of conspiracies involving embargoed news.

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Interesting thing...why is tomorrow's meeting in Toronto? Couldn't they have stayed in Chicago? Could it be they want to be close to the PA headquarters in case they want to...announce something? Should be an interesting next week or so.

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