January 13, 2005

Pittsburgh paper points out problems for players: Al Thompkins of Poynter.org gathers a series of excellent articles by Carl Prine of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. The articles cover injuries in general...the non-usage of pads...defensive backs are hurt the most...lineman are bunch of fat arses, but not necessarily screwed.

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The NFL could change from tackle to flag football. That would solve a lot of problems.

posted by bperk at 01:22 PM on January 14, 2005

I remember when Herman Moore at 6'4" was still an oddity. Some have said that the taller receivers are guys who were at some point in their development poached from basketball programs. Instead of being middling basketball players they've become incredible wideouts. Seems like it might make sense to snag a few D Backs from the same talent pool... Really, what's a cornerback if not a wide receiver with bad hands?

posted by crank at 01:46 PM on January 14, 2005

This ties in reasonably well with our thread on the death of Reggie White. Independent of whether or not he used steroids or other chemical aids during his career--and not to single him out other than as a recent extreme example--I cannot help but think that the pounding his body took over those years contributed to his premature death. Then again I've made posts before decrying actions and choices made in the pursuit of money and/or fame....

posted by billsaysthis at 02:08 PM on January 14, 2005

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