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Up-and-coming hothead Jose Guillen is upset with his teammates for not having his back after getting plunked for the sixth time this season. At this rate he'll be hit 18 times this year, which pales in comparison with Craig Biggio's 27 HBP last season. Is Guillen right to be upset, or should he simply invest in some body armor? Perhaps players have just gotten softer of late. John Grimes was plunked six times in one game way back in 1897 (maybe that's why he only played one season!).

posted by crank to baseball at 05:40 PM on May 25, 2004 - 37 comments

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Yanks angry at Showalter for pulling stars vs. Angels

Well, you don't like the way the article was titled, and out of no where go on a rant about red sox fans hating arod. Would you have been happy if I had edited espn's headline to something like "arod slightly perturbed"? The headline didn't match the content of the article. The reaction to any quote is colored by the context in which it is framed. ESPN wanted clicks, and they got them by headlining the article the way they did. One line calling-out Sox fans for their irrational hatred of ARod is a 'rant?' I'm sorry, no. You guys loved him then. What happened? He even offered to take a pay cut for you. Do Sox fans at least still think he's cute?

posted by crank at 06:39 PM on October 04, 2005

Yanks angry at Showalter for pulling stars vs. Angels

Is it fun playing the victim? Cause you do it really well. I fail to follow your non sequitur. Please elaborate. There are no victims in this scenario, as far as I can tell, so I'll assume the above is an attempt at condescension. However, they should NEVER be allowed to forget that all it took was the slightest whiff of ARod wearing their uniform for them to chase their most beloved player out of town. Nomar who? Which led to their first world series victory since 1918. How could I ever forget THAT? Post hoc, ergo proctor hoc

posted by crank at 06:47 AM on October 04, 2005

Yanks angry at Showalter for pulling stars vs. Angels

The write-up is crap. "Yanks angry at Showalter?" I realize that's the headline ESPN used, but that's no excuse... ARod's quote: "There's a code of honor when so much is on the line," Rodriguez told the New York Daily News. "You hope people do the right thing. But you can't control what people do." Ooooh! He's really seething! Too bad his talk of a 'code of honor' isn't much different from Ozzie Guillen's statement that he 'owed it to the Yankees and Red Sox' to play his starters against the Indians in the final series. Who knows, had he not done so, the Red Sox may not have even won the wild card. Clearly, ARod bashing is fashionable these days, especially among Sox fans. However, they should NEVER be allowed to forget that all it took was the slightest whiff of ARod wearing their uniform for them to chase their most beloved player out of town. Nomar who? But let's see if Torre can contain himself when asked of Showalter's actions: "It's surprising," Torre told The New York Times. "If his team was in the playoffs, I could understand it a little bit more. It's just surprising he pulled them so soon." Wow! All the hate in the world contained in just a few lines! But wait, there's more! Cashman really lets Showalter have it: "If we had won one more game, we wouldn't have to be worried about what anybody else did," Cashman told The Times. Wow. Just wow. I hope these two don't run into eachother when the Yankees and Rangers face off next season!

posted by crank at 10:44 PM on October 03, 2005

Eight division titles in a row for the Bronx Bombers.

David Wells predicted a World Series win about a month ago, so it's guaranteed, right?

posted by crank at 08:45 AM on October 02, 2005

Is it time?

A lot of Boston fans have expended a lot of 1's and 0's about how 'intangibles' and 'clutch' don't exist (look at any thread focusing on Jeter), but now all of a sudden, among Ortiz's main qualifications for MVP are that he has 'intangibles' and is 'clutch.'

posted by crank at 02:25 PM on September 24, 2005

Is it time?

If there were a "Best Offensive Player" I wouldn't have a problem giving it to him. How can he truely be the most valuable player if he doesn't help his team win on the defensive side? There are guys who have comparable or better Triple Crown category numbers AND provide Gold Glove quality (or damn close) defense. Everyone else in the running has to deal with the stress and fatigue of playing their position everyday in addition to concentrating on their offensive performance.

posted by crank at 11:51 AM on September 24, 2005

Scott Podsednik is No Gary Sheffield

Make up your own mind about what you see, but do ask yourself what would have happened had Gary Sheffield been involved? Yawn. This is a pretty weak 'controversy.' Sportseconomist can't even admit he was wrong.

posted by crank at 05:28 PM on August 10, 2005

Gary Sheffield is a cranky man

Thanks for that link, goddam. I now have an even greater appreciation for Matsui!

posted by crank at 06:14 PM on August 05, 2005

Lance Armstrong wins seventh straight Tour de France

YEAH! They're lucky they ain't speaking German!

posted by crank at 01:33 PM on July 24, 2005

The Selling of a Red Sox Nation

The Sox are historically losers, no matter what their payroll is. They are the Bad News Bears of the majors, and America (Hanks et al) has discovered them and is eating them up and rightly so. Come on, do you really think a Brewers or a Royals fan thinks there's any difference between the Red Sox and the Yankees? Are they still eating up the Queer Eye promos, donut commercials, and bloody sock references? Damon could never wear his hair like that in Steinbrenner's clubhouse. Flock of Seagulls had cool hair too!

posted by crank at 09:43 AM on July 17, 2005

Red Sox Hang Record Number on Yanks Again...

I have a sinking feeling Leiter is going to get lit-up.

posted by crank at 06:02 PM on July 16, 2005

Back to NY

Trading a set-up man having a sub-par year for two relievers having an even crappier year does not make sense. Even if you argue that May was brought in to be a situational lefty, it still doesn't make much sense. Quantrill had been designated for assignment, so NY had to either trade him or cut him. The trade with SD was just a slop swap, hoping to get someone, anyone, who could give a few decent innings instead of cutting him loose and getting nothing out of it. Quantrill was shot. He couldn't throw strikes. When you walk batters and give up more hits than innings pitched your worth as a set-up man is zero. His struggles go back to July or August of last season.

posted by crank at 05:58 PM on July 16, 2005

Red Sox Hang Record Number on Yanks Again...

Stunning. Last night's Schilling loss was a tough pill to swallow coming out of the all star break, narrowing the lead in the AL East with Baltimore still playing strong. But for the Sox to recover by beat the snot out of the Yankees again, with an identical, historical score mere weeks apart... I'd have a hard time hanging my hat on a rout of Tim Redding and Darrell May... Plus, how do you account for them coming back this afternoon and knocking out Clement after 2 & 2/3?

posted by crank at 04:24 PM on July 16, 2005

Back to NY

Slightly off topic, but can anyone tell me why the Yanks traded Quantrill for Tim Redding and Darrell May? Because he stinks. 5.53 ERA, 57 hits in 40 innings pitched.

posted by crank at 04:16 PM on July 16, 2005

Run, Rickey, Run!

"Pay Rickey," is Rickey's column from the great, fake Baseball Tonite blog. I wanted to call this column “Pay Rickey,” because that’s what people need to do. Pay Rickey. If Tony Gwynn was making a comeback, people would pay Tony. People love Tony Gwynn. People hate Rickey. They say, “Tony Gwynn gave 110%.” Rickey gave 140%! They say, “Tony Gwynn was a five-tool player.” Rickey is a six-tool player! Here are some other players that Rickey Henderson is better than: Ichiro Suzuki, Seattle Mariners: People say Ichiro is the next Rickey Henderson. Ichiro has 157 stolen bases. Rickey Henderson has 1406. Therefore, Rickey is exactly nine times as great as Ichiro. People say Rickey is egotistical. Rickey never wore a jersey that said “Rickey”! And Ichiro cheats. He starts running before he swings. Even though Rickey is a lefty, he's so confident in his baserunning abilities that he actually bats right-handed.

posted by crank at 08:05 AM on May 12, 2005