April 30, 2002

Instant Replay In the NBA?: It's an ESPN link but the idea of more stoppages during a b-ball game sends shudders down my spine. If there was a way to make me watch less pro basketball this would be it.

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I don't watch basketball all that much, but if you're going to use instant replay in the sport, make sure it's just to confirm a shot got off before the buzzer went. I happened to turn the channel and catch the end of regulation of the Charlotte/Orlando game where the ref made the worst call I've ever seen in the sport (waving off the winning Charlotte basket because he thought time ran out). If the ref had just looked at a replay of the shot he'd see his error. The only rational reason he could have for waving off the shot is that he didn't believe the clock started in time.

posted by grum@work at 09:49 AM on April 30, 2002

I'm all for instant replay in the final second of regulation and overtime periods. The call in the Charlotte game made me throw my hat at the tv. The ref's explaination just didn't rub me right either. Basically he said that it was nearly impossible to get a shot off in .7 seconds. If he was going to wave it even before the play started, why even let them play it? Stupid.

posted by corpse at 12:00 PM on April 30, 2002

I'm for instant replay if it is limited to buzzer beaters. I agree that it was terrible officiating to decide to wave off the shot before the play even happened.

posted by rcade at 12:49 PM on April 30, 2002

Something similar happened in college basketball this season when Wisconsin ended Mich. St.'s home winning streak. A Mich. St. player apparently made a buzzer-beating shot to win the game, but upon instant-replay, the official determined that the game clock started too late and waived off the shot.

posted by gyc at 11:26 PM on April 30, 2002

That was most certainly a perfect example, gyc. Officials (understandably) have a hard time on these calls. They have one eye on the player and one eye on the clock. IR should be involved. The NCAA should also change their position on possesion arrows. No arrow. Jump balls. Let the most athletic team gain possesion. As I see it, we need to cater to the game, not the players. A late shot is a late shot. On the other hand, make the players play the game the way that is was intended.

posted by Elaisa at 01:53 AM on May 01, 2002

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