June 14, 2004

Who loves bling? The Patriots do!: At $20,000 a pop, the rings are white gold, with 5.05 carats t.w. of diamonds (most ever in a Superbowl ring) and a weight of 3.8 ounces, making it the largest Superbowl ring ever. Rings were presented to the team over the weekend at team owner Bob Kraft's home.

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CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS - BY THE NUMBERS Some of the details and descriptions of the rings are listed below: 104 The total number of diamonds displayed in each ring. 5.05 The total diamond weight of each ring. The 5.05 carats is the largest carat total of any Super Bowl ring in history. 3.8 The total weight of the championship ring in ounces, making it the largest Super Bowl ring ever made. 33 This year's ring is approximately 33 percent larger than the ring that the Patriots earned just two seasons ago for their Super Bowl XXXVI Championship. 32 The number of full-cut diamonds that surround the Patriots logo centered atop the ring, representing the 32 NFL teams who annually vie for the Lombardi Trophy. 15 The number of full-cut diamonds atop the running atop the crest of the ring, representing the season-ending 15-game win streak, the longest in franchise history. 12 The number of full-cut diamonds embedded along the bottom of the ring's crest, representing the undefeated 12-0 record at Gillette Stadium in 2003. 2 The number of Lombardi Trophies displayed as the centerpiece atop the ring. They represent the 2001 and 2003 championship seasons and are filled with three-quarter carat marquise-cut diamonds. 25 This is the 25th Super Bowl ring manufactured by Jostens (out of 38). They have manufactured both of the Patriots championship rings. 2 Of the 38 Super Bowls rings created, the Patriots' TWO championship rings are the only TWO to be cast in 14-carat white gold. 17.5 Predictably, the largest ring size ordered this year is the 17.5 that will be presented to Ted Washington. The smallest is a 9. 17 Running a close second, Ty Warren will receive a 17-sized ring.

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And for a pointless comparison, the 2003 CFL Grey Cup Championship Rings are valued at $10,000 with an average weight of 58 grams, but.... For the players who were scheduled to play in the game at SkyDome in Toronto on Aug. 14 that was cancelled by a blackout, a black diamond is set into the Grey Cup on the side of the ring.

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Number of times jbou could have gloated about rings.

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don't poke beehives with sticks, dano.

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I can't believe Kraft pur his name in such huge type on the side!

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That's not a ring. That's a fucking dumbell.

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