April 30, 2004

Boston.com readers were asked to cast real life people/actors for roles as the Red Sox and this is what they came up with. (B.H. Kim particularly cracked me. I love Sixteen Candles). Page 2 regularly does the whole Here's Looking At You. So who do you think is separated at birth? You need to post some pictoral proof! sorry, slow news day

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Er, Kim doesn't look anything like "Long Duk Dong." Oh wait, it's funny because they're both Asian. I get it.

posted by molafson at 03:50 PM on April 30, 2004

Er, Kim doesn't look anything like "Long Duk Dong." He looks a hell of a lot more like him than Erik Estrada as Nomar. Oh wait, it's funny because they're both Asian. I get it. No, its funny because Kim's past antics seem very similar to something Long Duk Dong would have done when drunk. And if I'm picking up on some racism vibe here, how does picking someone who's asian to play someone who IS asian racist? How is it any different than picking Erik Estrada as Nomar Garciaparra, or Morgan Freeman as Ellis Burks. It's not.

posted by justgary at 04:24 PM on April 30, 2004

Would you want to stand at the plate with Malkovich on the mound? I don't care if he can't pitch, his freakish stare would brush me back. I wouldn't want to sit next to him for more than 5 seconds. Weirdo. nice.

posted by Bernreuther at 04:33 PM on April 30, 2004

Jeff Daniels as Curt Schilling and John Malkovich as Scott Williamson are so good they're scary.

posted by dusted at 04:56 PM on April 30, 2004

Yeah, I laughed at Daniels-as-Shilling, but I also liked Kilmer-as-Damon. I was expecting Caviazel (sp?). When I first saw Terry Francona this year, I thought of Bruno Kirby, in "Good Morning, Vietnam".

posted by msacheson at 05:13 PM on April 30, 2004

molafson, giving you the benefit of the doubt, i'll assume you weren't calling me a racist. You don't know a bit about me, guy. Let's all just relax, it is Friday afterall. The Scott Williamson one was really scary. The eyes, the whole face really, the ears... Willy just better hope they don't decide to shave heads again this year in some '04 version of Cowboy Up.

posted by jerseygirl at 05:29 PM on April 30, 2004

I'm not calling anyone racist. I just don't think Kim looks anything like that Sixteen Candles actor. And that character in Sixteen Candles was kind offensive toward Asian people (even though he scored with the chick with the big rack). "Long Duk Dong" is like that William Hung from American Idol: a stupid minstrel show for the amusement of white folks.

posted by molafson at 08:55 PM on April 30, 2004

The premise is casting a movie... those casted in a role don't always, in fact rarely do, look exactly like the people they are playing.

posted by jerseygirl at 09:28 PM on April 30, 2004

Yeah, like Mickey Rooney in Breakfast At Tiffany's...

posted by molafson at 09:45 PM on April 30, 2004

ok. whatever.

posted by jerseygirl at 09:54 PM on April 30, 2004

posted by dusted at 10:18 PM on April 30, 2004

I posted the picture because I couldn't remember Rooney's character: I figure this makes it easy for everyone else who didn't know the reference. Oh, and lighten up Francis!

posted by dusted at 10:21 PM on April 30, 2004

Damon should be played by unfrozen caveman lawyer. And I still think Kim looks a lot like "Long Duk Dong", despite his appearance in that racist movie. ;)

posted by justgary at 10:43 PM on April 30, 2004

Time out, everyone. If you're going to be a dick, at least do it in a funny way.

posted by Samsonov14 at 02:56 AM on May 01, 2004

Where's Vito when we need him?

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where's rcade? he's been delightfully argumentative all week.

posted by jerseygirl at 08:23 AM on May 01, 2004

Fucking racist Boston Red Sox. First they are the last team to integrate - now this "Duck Dong Incident". Will it ever end? Kim should sue everybody in the state. When these so called fans aren't raising money for terrorists, or beating their wives, their busy trying to ruin the self-esteem of Asians. Fucking drunk, short-dicked, racist micks. And just so you don't think I'm one of those people who 'generalize other groups so I can feel safer with my own predjudices and thinly veiled self-loathing' I don't think that ALL Red Sox fans are drunk, short-dicked racist micks. Some of 'em clearly don't have dicks. But not the women. Their dicks are huge. Sure did smack around some Yankee ass though didn't they?...

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 08:26 AM on May 01, 2004

Hey, I'm not drunk, racist or dicked. I am however, half mick, so have at it.

posted by jerseygirl at 09:02 AM on May 01, 2004

For the record, John Malkovich does not have the ass to play Scott Williams. He's all-time, like Clemens. You'd have a hard time differentiating between Williams and C.C. Sabathia from behind. Unles their pants were off. At which point, I don't care, just don't tell me about whatever you kids were doing.

posted by yerfatma at 11:34 AM on May 01, 2004

I think the all-time record-holder in ballplayer booty is Ray Durham. He looks like he's wearing a diaper.

posted by dusted at 11:41 AM on May 01, 2004

Well, if he keeps pitching like this, I like big butts and I cannot lie.

posted by jerseygirl at 05:21 PM on May 01, 2004

Ha Ha! Nice, jerseygirl, very nice!

posted by dusted at 11:08 PM on May 01, 2004

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