May 31, 2024

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle:

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posted by huddle to general at 06:00 AM - 6 comments

If it ends up being Edmonton and Florida in the Stanley Cup Finals, would that be about the greatest difference ever between Finals cities in terms of both distance and climate?

I remember the series between the Rangers and Canucks - that was coast to coast, but they were much closer in latitude.

posted by beaverboard at 12:49 PM on May 31, 2024

Vancouver is further away, but since you added climate as a variable, then yes, Edmonton and Miami are the most different in that respect.

posted by NoMich at 02:21 PM on May 31, 2024

Sorry Seattle, we need to put an NBA team in Halifax. For reasons.

posted by Ufez Jones at 05:25 PM on May 31, 2024

And speaking of the NBA, I can't believe that we have to wait almost a full week to the start of the Finals.

posted by NoMich at 05:59 PM on May 31, 2024

Yeah, I'm grateful that several Mavs have some extra time to heal up but I may start getting a little twitchy come Monday night.

posted by Ufez Jones at 06:57 PM on May 31, 2024

I've been enjoying the WNBA games that I've been able to catch.

posted by NoMich at 07:12 PM on May 31, 2024

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