August 07, 2023

USWNT Makes Earliest World Cup Exit in Team History: The USWNT looked better in their round of 16 match than they had all tournament, but it wasn't enough to avoid a goalless draw and defeat on penalties that sent the favorites to win the whole thing home in disgrace. The U.S. goes home having scored only four goals in four games. Longtime stars Megan Rapinoe and Julie Ertz have announced their retirements.

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The post giveth and the post taketh away.

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The USWNT played in a very mediocre fashion the entire tournament. If you can't score, you can't win. I was surprised they made it out of their group. I sure hope they can get their act together before the next World Cup. Ok I have finished venting now. My sentimental favorite to win: Australia. Who I think will win: Japan.

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They didn't play like a coherent team and didn't seem to realize the rest of the world has caught up. Personally, I put a lot of this on the coach and hope they get someone new in there to get the players on the same page.

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Bill Simmons, who should be of interest to researchers as a walking embodiment of high intelligence wedded to landmark idiocy, decided that it was time for him to burn Alex Morgan to the ground in the wake of the US exit.

It's starting to look like Simmons is getting desperate for relevance. If he doesn't care how much of an ass he's willing to make of himself, I'd vote him onto the island with Skip Bayless.

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The US team looked incoherent on the field and without a Plan A or Plan B. Blame for which should be laid at the feet of Andonovski, who has plenty of talent at his disposal, despite missing some players injured. But then other countries have also suffered in that regard.

My immediate observation was that the front three played too far apart. Smith and either of Rodman or Williams played very wide and relied primarily on their speed. However good defenders can adapt and cover each other when the full backs get beaten. Horan (who was the best US player by far) had no support when going forward and, along with Morgan, could be cut off by the central defenders working with their screening midfielders.

As a result, everyone ended up isolated in attack. This approach, and not changing formation when it wasn't working made it far too easy for opposing defences.

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The world of sports can often be unpredictable, and even strong teams may face challenges that lead to unexpected results. It's worth noting that sports bring both travle wordle triumphs and disappointments, and the journey is what makes them so compelling.

posted by bekean23 at 12:42 AM on August 30, 2023

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