June 29, 2022

Iroquois Nationals No More: The Iroquois Nationals Men’s Lacrosse Team, known as the Iroquois Nationals, represents the Iroquois Confederacy in international field lacrosse competition.

...as our people have begun to revitalize our languages and culture, we felt it was time to change our name to what we collectively call ourselves: "Haudenosaunee" (ho-dee-no-show-nee) which translates to "People of the Longhouse." This name change is one of a series of actions we are taking as our people continue to regain what has been lost through colonialism.

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I didn't know Iroquois was derogatory and thought it was a cool sounding word. Haudenosaunee is pretty good on that front too. Glad they're using the name change to educate the public.

posted by rcade at 10:08 AM on June 30, 2022

Lot of tribal name changing taking place, and also changing the names of geographic features - lakes, mountains, etc.

With Secretary Haaland as the first indigenous head of the Dept. of Interior, this effort will likely continue at least for the duration of the current administration.

tahoe can probably tell us about recent changes related to Squaw Valley and thereabouts.

I confess I'll never be able to keep up with what is considered misnamed or derogatory. I didn't know that "squaw" was so toxic. Damn near on the verge of being the "s" word. It's tough navigating the fast moving changes on a case by case basis. Maybe the BIA or a tribal source has an overview as a reference resource.

posted by beaverboard at 04:01 PM on June 30, 2022

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