February 08, 2022

76ers and Nets May Swap Ben Simmons and James Harden: With the NBA trade deadline looming on Thursday, the Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets are reportedly discussing what it would take in other compensation to swap Ben Simmons for James Harden. "One of these teams is going to have to cave. It could legitimately be either one," writes Sam Quinn of CBS Sports.

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The Nets insist that James Harden 'ain't going anywhere'. We have heard that before about many players, but in this case, I think it's true. As well as James Harden can play, he has his limits on defense and with controlling his emotions. I understand the lure of acquiring such an offensive force, but the question would be how he complements the team. Does his game fit right in, or will you have to build a new offense around him? Giving up an All Star quality player in exchange for Simmons is not likely. Nets would need much more in the fashion of draft picks and top young players. 76ers won't go that far, but they would do much to remove the Simmons albatross from their neck.

posted by Howard_T at 02:04 PM on February 09, 2022

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