June 28, 2020

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Congratulations to the next Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots. They just signed Cam Newton to a one-year deal.

posted by NoMich at 09:00 PM on June 28, 2020

I saw the story break on CNN online just when a nasty storm line was rolling through the area, so when my wife heard me say "Oh, Fuck!", she thought I was commenting on the severe weather.

She had no idea I was reacting to the news that Cam Newton had signed with the Patriots.

It's a Belichick-friendly one year deal, but still, who in the Foxborobunker thinks Newton is a good bet to buy into the team's approach, and where would he have suddenly gotten the required mental toughness?

Versatility memo to Cam at 6'5", 245 lbs.:

1) James Develin just retired.

2) During the 2020 bye week, you may be tucked in with the LB's and safeties watching Lamar Jackson game film. Any questions, call 1-800-DAVID-FULCHER.

3) Amazon is releasing a new children's book entitled "Steve's Daddy Has Three Tight Ends".

4) Josh McDaniels has been waiting a long time to run the Philly Philly. The previous QB ran like he'd stepped into two buckets of paint at the line of scrimmage.

posted by beaverboard at 09:35 PM on June 28, 2020

I must be the last Patriots fan to have heard this. I said something to my wife as I read the post, and she said she had heard about it a while ago. Thanks for the information, Gail. It should become apparent fairly soon between camp and preseason just how much Newton has left. What they will do with the offense with him in there will be interesting too. It could well be that there is a good degree of similarity between Newton and Stidham. Now that Newton is not as fast as he once was, he and Stidham could be interchangeable in an offense that features tight ends, fullbacks as receivers, and a power running game built around sets with 1 or 2 wide receivers. Look for Stidham to be starting by week 8 or 9, after Newton is carried off the field.

posted by Howard_T at 12:03 AM on June 29, 2020

Apparently his contract max is $7.5 million. That is a complete no-brainer for the Pats as he will be hitting that value in no time at all. Damn, I'm going to miss him not being in a Panthers uni .

posted by NoMich at 12:51 PM on June 29, 2020

This looks to be a win-win. The Patriots don't have anything to lose by bringing in Cam on a 1 year deal and if Cam is truly healthy, buys into the Hoodie's playbook, keeps that chip on his shoulder and plays like the 2015 version of Cam Newton and doesn't get hurt, the sky's the limit.

posted by BornIcon at 02:41 PM on June 29, 2020

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