November 15, 2018

CFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Division Finals Edition: The Lions' crossover journey fizzles out, and Saskatchewan's playoff hopes are buried in the snow. Who saw that coming? (Answer: not very many of us.) Grab your fuzzy mittens and make your picks inside.

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What a trouncing! Hamilton holds B.C. off the scoreboard until the fourth quarter and piles up 48 points in the process. Not much to say here except ouch.

Out west, remember sneaky good Winnipeg? They snuck right and took out the Roughriders! In Regina! In the snow! With a very solid performance on both sides of the ball. Wild card!

In bonus-land, Lauther edges out the competition with 12 points, and the snowy Saskatchewan weather gets us the under.

BC @ HAMWPG @ SSKKicking BonusLVP Bonus
ResultHamilton by 40Winnipeg by 5LautherUnder
Margin of Error28 to 524 to 7

Points in all four columns put argoal on top, with tommytrump nipping at his heels. And a five-way tie for last place!

SpoFiteBC @ HAMSWPG @ SSKSKickingLVPPointsTotal Points
argoalHamilton Winnipeg4LautherUnder55
tommytrumpHamilton Winnipeg6 Under44
cixelsyd Winnipeg6 Under33
JPRHamilton LautherUnder33
DrJohnEvansHamilton Under22
ic23bHamilton Lauther 22
jagsnumberoneHamilton Under22
rcade LautherUnder22
Reever Winnipeg Under22

Favourites + underdogs = funderdogs, which I believe are now available for purchase at the TD Place concessions.


Hamilton Tigers-Cats (8-10) @ Ottawa Redblacks (11-7) (Sunday, November 18, 1:00pm ET)

Hamilton's season has really turned on their record against Ottawa: three games, three losses, six points out of first place. This weekend they get their fourth and final chance, on the road against a well-rested Redblacks team. But Hamilton has show flashes of good this season, and if they can win the turnover game, anything can happen. Eastern Final Preview »

Winnipeg Blue Bombers (10-8) @ Calgary Stampeders (13-5) (Sunday, November 18, 4:30pm ET)

Winnipeg is kind of a sexy underdog. This marks the very first time in recorded history that anyone has used the words "Winnipeg" and "sexy" in the same sentence. They're better than you think they are and lost a lot of close games. But you know who didn't lose a lot of games, period? Calgary. Western Final Preview »

Offence Wins Championships Bonus

Pick the quarterback who will throw for the highest yardage on Sunday.

2018 Passing Stats »

Defence Wins Championships Bonus

Pick the team whose defence will register the most sacks on Sunday.

2018 Defensive Stats »

Example pick: Hamilton by 21, Winnipeg by 14, Harris, Ottawa.

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 02:40 PM on November 15, 2018

Ottawa by 9

Winnipeg by 4



posted by cixelsyd at 03:11 PM on November 15, 2018

Ottawa by 12

Calgary by 6

Trevor Harris


posted by ic23b at 03:47 PM on November 15, 2018

Ottawa by 21

Winnipeg by 14

Trevor Harris


posted by tommybiden at 05:36 PM on November 15, 2018

Ottawa by 3

Calgary by 10



posted by jagsnumberone at 04:29 AM on November 18, 2018

Ottawa by 9

Calgary by 13



posted by rcade at 10:19 AM on November 18, 2018

Due to some weird site downtime on Sunday, I received picks via text message from the following folks:

Hamilton by 6, Winnipeg by 3. Masoli. Winnipeg.

Ottawa by 6
Winnipeg by 3


Ottawa by 3, Calgary by 3. Mitchell. Ottawa.

Ottawa by 12
Calgary by 12

posted by DrJohnEvans at 02:31 PM on November 21, 2018

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