May 17, 2018

Come Watch the Warriors-Rockets Series With Us From an Expert’s Couch: I'm not a basketball fan because play seems so random, but this article and video clips made it make sense to an extent.

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It's interesting to watch Cleveland using picks to isolate LeBron James on a defender of choice. The problem is that the Celtics have 4 in the starting lineup who can effectively defend James one on one. With multiple players that can defend, the Celtics will switch. The lone defensive liability against James is Terry Rozier, and this is only because of a lack of physical size not quickness. If Baynes is brought in off the bench, James will try to pick on him. While Baynes has the size to defend James, he is not quick enough laterally. What has hurt Cleveland is the inability of anyone other than Kevin Love to make a notable contribution to Cleveland's offense. I'll say nothing about their defense.

posted by Howard_T at 08:40 PM on May 18, 2018

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