September 11, 2017

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I'm trying to monitor conditions in various parts of Fla. and the northeast corner has been getting substantial flooding. No part of the state untouched due to the vast size of Hurricane Irma, and...she's a slow moving bitch. Tough combination. Should have named her Albert Haynesworth.

Hopefully, rcade & co. are OK.

posted by beaverboard at 01:44 PM on September 11, 2017

Yes, Floridians please check in.

I don't like the look of that Hurricane Jose. He's just sitting out there in open waters, spinning around, biding his time until Irma clears out. I have a vacation on Hatteras Island next week and Jose might kill those plans, depending on which way he decides to track.

posted by NoMich at 01:59 PM on September 11, 2017

Where we're planning on staying on Hatteras looks like this right now.

This is how it looked a year ago after Hermine came through.

posted by NoMich at 02:03 PM on September 11, 2017

I lived in Jacksonville briefly some years ago. I'm willing to bet the apartment complex where I lived is underwater. I hope that rcade and family are staying feet dry and all is well. Prayers for all.

posted by Howard_T at 02:24 PM on September 11, 2017

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