May 29, 2017

Legendary Sportswriter Frank Deford Dies: Frank Deford died Sunday in his Key West, Florida, home at age 78. He wrote for Sports Illustrated from 1962 to 2017 and in the first two decades at that job defined the word "sportswriter" for many of our younger selves. Some of us also recall him for The National, a glorious, short-lived attempt at a national newspaper of sport. He also contributed to Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel on HBO and NPR. In recent years he became known for his hatred of soccer, a lamentable old-man crankypants posture unworthy of his reputation.

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Yep, late period crankiness aside, I always looked forward to his NPR segments and loved running into a piece by him online.

And, boy, The National, what a great publication that was.

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Ultimately I will remember Deford for the great years and how he looked like the epitome of dadcool for decades.

I wonder what he thought his anti-soccer trolling accomplished. He even ended his writing career with an NPR goodbye column that took a final shot at the sport. It's not like he's dumb enough to be stuck in the past, like the sports radio yahoos around Jacksonville.

NPR has Deford commentaries going back to 1999.

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Thanks for that rcade, I've been hearing his voice all weekend in my head. Bryan Curtis' piece has links to a couple of good DeFord stories.

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He always looked like he had already had a fabulous film noir career before he got interested in sports.

Toward the end of his career, he grew to admire the sound of his own voice a bit too much in audio segments. The flourishes and the pauses, where he would let us bask in the splendor of his dulcet tone and incisive became a bit overdone. But no matter, the whole of his work far outshines those sorts of late chapter concerns.

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Frank Deford died Sunday in his Key West, Florida, home at age 78. - It's all thanks to cannabis.

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