December 07, 2016

Tampa Bay Rowdies Launch Campaign to Enter MLS: The team on Tuesday held a 6:15 p.m. announcement at The Birchwood, unveiling its #MLS2StPete campaign to drive local support to show Major League Soccer that the club is ready to be the league's next expansion team.

The campaign also includes a privately funded renovation and expansion plan for Al Lang Stadium.

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A privately funded renovation plan, with upwards of $80 million dollars being proposed? Preposterous!

posted by FLsportsman at 02:17 PM on December 07, 2016

The Carolina Railhawks made their official bid for MLS-dom yesterday as well. They also officially changed their name to North Carolina FC, which is kind of difficult to say, but when you shorten it to NC FC, it's not too bad.

The stadium thing seems to be more in Tampa Bay's favor than up here. As of yet, there are no plans in place for a new stadium and the local city officials have not been presented with any plans. Unfortunately, Wake Med Soccer Park (where the team plays now) cannot be expanded and it's already a nightmare to get in and out of when there's only about 8000 people there. Some people are guessing that a new stadium will be built in downtown Raleigh, but there's no room for a 20000 seat stadium (plus parking!) unless you kick a bunch of poor people out of their homes. And how a downtown stadium makes it easier to get in and out of than Wake Med Soccer Park, I have no clue.

Anywho, good luck down there!

posted by NoMich at 02:29 PM on December 07, 2016

They also officially changed their name to North Carolina FC, which is kind of difficult to say

What if I pronounce it "cackalackyfuck"?

posted by LionIndex at 03:00 PM on December 07, 2016

It would still be $20, same as in town.

posted by NoMich at 03:01 PM on December 07, 2016

I lived in Tampa in the late 1970's when the original Rowdies were going at it in the old, now defunct leagues.

The face of the franchise was the one and only Rodney Marsh. For better or worse.

I think the cheerleaders were called the Wowdies.

Does anyone have any grainy videos of those TV ads Rodney did for Waterbed City that were once a local staple?

I knew a few adventurous women in the area that wondered out loud what it would be like to experience firsthand the source of Sir Rodney's confidence in the oceanic boudoir amenities he so energetically touted.

"Woht'bids! They've now done it right!"

At the time, Ray Hudson and Don Trump were still in utero. Or so it seems.

posted by beaverboard at 03:09 PM on December 07, 2016

Ah Rodney Marsh.

No, not that one. The other one.

Occasionally confusing for young Australian football and cricket fans in the 1970s.

But it's the first name that comes to mind when I hear the words "Tampa Bay Rowdies".

posted by owlhouse at 09:43 PM on December 07, 2016

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