November 29, 2016

Brazilian Soccer Team Lost in Plane Crash: A plane carrying Chapecoense, a soccer team in Brazil's top division, crashed early Tuesday in Colombia. Seventy six people died and five survived, including player Alan Ruschel. The team was scheduled Wednesday to play the first half of a Copa Sudamericana final -- a tournament equivalent to the Europa League. The team from Chapeco reached Brazil's top division for the first time in decades in 2014. "What was supposed to be a celebration has turned into a tragedy," Medellin Mayor Federico Gutierrez said.

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The Guardian is blogging the latest details. Two other players, Jakson Follman and Zampier Neto, also survived.

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This afternoon Fox News had some coverage of the accident. Their South American sports affiliate had some people travelling aboard the flight to cover the team. Fox showed some video taken just before takeoff that shows the team members. Seeing their excitement and joy at being involved in a championship game is heart wrenching.

Fox also reported that the Medellin, Colombia, team has asked that the championship be awarded to Chapocoense.

The aircraft involved was a BAE-146 short-range regional jet. It is also known as the Avro RJ-85. The type was first placed in service in 1983, which makes it nearly geriatric in terms of commercial aviation. The type did have a good safety record. Fox says that the flight crew reported "an electrical problem" prior to the crash. There have also been reports of insufficient fuel on board.

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