June 29, 2016

This: happened, and This happened, and This happened

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I got the notification on my phone, "Edmonton trades Taylor Hall to NJ...", and I was all like,"YEAH!!!" I click on the notification and read, "in exchange for Adam Larsson", and I'm all like "NOOOOOOO!!!".

It seams like a pretty good trade for both teams. Oilers need help on defense, Devils definitely need help on offense. A first overall pick for a fifth overall. You have to give to get so they say. Edmonton fans on twitter seem to think they got robbed but I think they will be pleasantly surprised.

I am not too surprised by Stamkos resigning with the lightning. They are so close to being a championship team and they are a known quantity to him.

Why Montreal would trade PK just boggles my mind.

posted by MrFrisby at 06:43 PM on June 29

I'm a Leafs fan and I'm very sad that Montreal traded PK away. I always look forward to his energy and excitement when he's playing the Leafs. Now, he's been banished to hockey purgatory in Nashville.

posted by grum@work at 07:27 PM on June 29

1--As a Devils fan, I love this trade. Larsson never quite reached his potential in Jersey, and think both parties will benefit from parting ways. Hall should be a nice top line winger if they can assemble a center and right wing to compliment him--maybe Zajac and Palmieri?

2--I understand that Subban is a quality defenseman in the prime of his career, but is Weber so far onto the downhill side of his career that this trade is lopsided? Weber is still a legit top-four blueliner and plays with a nastiness that Subban simply doesn't have-a nastiness sorely lacking in Montreal.

3--Smart move by the Bolts. Stamkos, if he can [begin to] stay injury-free, is a legit hall of famer, and would likely have put the Bolts over the top against the Pens this spring.

posted by tahoemoj at 07:35 PM on June 29

Why Montreal would trade PK just boggles my mind.

Montreal gets one of the top 5 D in the world for PK who may be in the top 15 depending on the direction of the team. Defensively Suban is a liability and doesn't fit Montreal's game. Nashville is moving towards more offense and Suban fits the scheme. Overall if Weber's game stays near or at the same level it is at for the next 4 years Nashville got hosed.

Smart move by the Bolts

Smart move by Stamkos as well. Stays with a team that pushed the Penguins this year in his absence and has a good shot next year. Gets paid in US dollars to live in Tampa and pays next to nothing in taxes. Hard to believe some "experts" figured he was a done deal to the Leafs.

Wait, those "experts" were all Toronto based media.

Hall should be a nice top line winger

Hall was a good player in a bad situation. Talk was he was the 1 untouchable in Edmonton and that Nugent-Hopkins and Eberley were available all last season. Of the 3 Edmonton traded away the best player by a long shot.

posted by cixelsyd at 08:20 PM on June 29

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