December 29, 2015

Eagles fire Chip Kelly: Three days after the Philadelphia Eagles were eliminated from playoff contention, owner Jeffrey Lurie fired third-year head coach Chip Kelly.

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Eagles fire Chip Kelly, only Ball State and Texas State currently have openings in the college ranks. Looks like he'll be sitting 2016 out.

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Looks like he'll be sitting 2016 out.

Depends on whether the Lions keep Caldwell, and how short of a leash they keep him on...

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I feel like by not firing Caldwell, the Lions have more or less accepted that he wasn't the problem (of course, it's Martha Ford's butler running the team now, so who the fuck knows).

I dunno, maybe some other NFL team will want to take a flyer on Kelly now, but I think he's in a Lane Kiffin situation at this point where he's proven he can't coach an NFL team and will have to make another case in the college ranks before anyone else gives him a chance.

posted by Etrigan at 08:09 PM on December 29

Bold Prediction Time:
Say goodbye to Les Miles at LSU and hello to Chip Kelly at LSU.


Say hello to Chip Kelly, Rex Ryan's new offensive coordinator in Buffalo.

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The way I remember this starting was that Chip Kelly wasn't anxious to leave Oregon, but Jeff Lurie wasn't taking no for an answer. At least that was the prevailing narrative at the time.

Lurie then eventually moved his GM aside and gave Chip personnel power. Only to demand it back this week. Which brings us to the present moment.

One of the questions will be who would want to sign on as HC with Lurie. He has to fix his GM situation first. He's unspooled quite a bit of yarn. But I'll give him credit for being decisive with the firing as he was with the hiring. I thought Kelly would walk before Lurie fired him.

The next question would be: what NFL GM would hire Kelly as a HC given that he was asked to give up personnel power and refused? Kelly is the current embodiment of the Pitino Principle ("Excelled in college/blew up the candy store in the pros").

I can see Kelly heading back to college. I can also picture him being picky about what conference he lands in. Each conference has its own culture, which may be a factor.

What he gains by returning to college ball is the ability to once again develop a tremendous level of roster depth. He can almost double his numbers overall and still be a dozen or more players beyond the NFL cap with the size of his travel roster depending on his particular conference's limits.

Some college AD is going to want Kelly to head up their program whether in 2016 or later. The rationale for the hire will be provided courtesy of the Spurrier-Saban Principle.

If Kelly sits out a year, he not only would have much better job options, but would also be able to assemble a better staff from the get go.

It'll be interesting to see if he gets picked up to do any broadcast work in the short term, and if so, whether it is an NCAA or NFL gig.

Also would be interesting to know how many college AD's are now muttering to themselves: "Hell, if I had known that this was going to happen..."

For those who think that Kelly will stay in the NFL and like a tasty conspiracy theory, it's worth noting that after the Titans fired Ken Whisenhunt, the Eagles went 2-5, including some abject embarrassments where the team looked neither competitive nor prepared.

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In Philadelphia itself, reaction to the drama is about what one would expect.

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Also would be interesting to know how many college AD's are now muttering to themselves: "Hell, if I had known that this was going to happen..."

I would kill to have been Blake James' bartender last night. "Another one? Are you sure?" "KEEP 'EM FUCKIN' COMIN'."

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According to a former colleague (from back in the 1980's), Kelly may have been chopped by the general manager who fired the previous personnel director and likely was dissed when Kelly became coach and personnel director.

How would Tennessee fans react if Chip Kelly and Marcus Mariota were reunited with the Titans?

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Philly PD joins in the beatdown.

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In addition to Lurie making his power play from above(-ish), the locker room was not unhappy to see Kelly go. If your GM isn't happy, you can survive a 6-win season. If your players aren't happy, you can survive a 6-win season. If they're both unhappy, you'd better be in double digits.

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Say hello to Chip Kelly, Rex Ryan's new offensive coordinator in Buffalo

Reuniting Chip Kelly with LeSean McCoy sounds like a winning idea!

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Kelly ran the show as if he'd already won 3 superbowls and everyone needed to worship his presence. He destroyed a team with a lot of potential.

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