October 02, 2015

Coke, Bud, McDonald's and Visa Demand Sepp Blatter Quit Immediately: Four of international soccer's major sponsors -- Coca Cola, Budweiser, McDonald's and Visa -- have demanded that FIFA President Sepp Blatter step down immediately, following the news he's under investigation for corruption in Switzerland. "Every day that passes, the image and reputation of FIFA continues to tarnish," Coca-Cola said in a statement. "FIFA needs comprehensive and urgent reform, and that can only be accomplished through a truly independent approach." Blatter has announced his plan to leave when a successor is named in February and his lawyer says he won't resign.

posted by rcade to soccer at 06:52 PM - 6 comments

It's amazing how long Slimy Sepp is trying to hold on. Is he running a document-shredding operation that takes six months to complete?

I feel like writing Coke, Bud, McDonald's and Visa to see how they feel about Roger Goodell.

posted by rcade at 09:09 PM on October 02, 2015

Legal investigation? Who cares?!
Public outcry? Doesn't matter!
Internal pressure? Pffft!

Big corporations? Now they've got FIFA's attention.

posted by grum@work at 10:32 PM on October 02, 2015

This might just be the straw.

posted by flannelenigma at 05:32 PM on October 03, 2015

The only thing they understand. Money.

posted by owlhouse at 02:04 AM on October 04, 2015

I'd love to see Blatter in jail and out of power, but major advertisers using financial pressure to oust an organization's leadership in the name of "a truly independent approach" is rich.

posted by Hugh Janus at 07:48 AM on October 04, 2015

I can't call up the article (I think my computer is in its death throes), so I don't know if this was mentioned in it.

If he doesn't go, will the companies ditch at the end of their contracts? Will Coca-Cola allow Pepsi to get in? MasterCard instead of Visa? Heineken instead of Budweiser?

Nothing will happen, Sepp will serve until the election, and these companies will continue to reap the financial benefits.

posted by jjzucal at 04:35 PM on October 04, 2015

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