September 07, 2015

Who Has College Football's Biggest Home-Field Advantage?: From the Wall Street Journal: "The best college football programs typically have the most intimidating home environments. Few teams enjoy the experience of visiting venues such as Alabama's Bryant-Denny Stadium or Oregon's Autzen Stadium. But, according to one study, the biggest home-field advantage in college football belongs to a much less-heralded program: North Texas."

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The study isn't about winning record, but instead measures how well a team outperforms expectations at home. Seeing my alma mater atop that list is weird, but as someone who took some lumps within the UNT community as I helped the student vote to get Apogee Stadium built, this makes me happy.

(I gave money and wrote a letter to the student newspaper, which made some alumni come unglued. They believed that alumni being vocal in the campaign would doom the effort. I got tired of only seeing anti-stadium letters in the paper I once served as editor, so I wrote one making the case for a yes vote on a stadium. This caused a friendship to end that went back to middle school.)

posted by rcade at 01:25 PM on September 07, 2015

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