September 07, 2015

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle:

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As Parliament Funkadelic's George Clinton once said:

"This shit ain't over."

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From BB's link: The league is just pouring gasoline on an already roaring fire. Brady will probably be at his fiercest in 2015, and that's a terrifying thought for the rest of the NFL.

This is a fun narrative to push, but I think Brady will play the way he was going to play if DeflateGate never happened. He's got 13 NFL teams circling the Super Bowl champs on their calendar and is in the Roger Murtaugh phase of his career.

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What led to Geno Smith's broken jaw: "The dispute was over $600 -- the amount of a plane ticket that Enemkpali bought for Smith to attend his youth football camp in Texas. Smith was unable to attend and didn't reimburse him."

That $600 argument cost Enemkpali $1.5 million in contract money over the next three seasons.

posted by rcade at 05:22 PM on September 07, 2015

Tom Brady has a Trump "Make America Great Again" hat in his locker.

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He' the Roger Murtaugh phase of his career.

I'm not looking for Brady to necessarily come out guns a blazing at the start of the season. He didn't look that great in the preseason, and the online yakkers are full of chit chat about the toll that the flation case has taken on him, he's bitter and short tempered, the marriage is in trouble, yada, yada.

And now he's having to answer questions about the Trump hat, among other things. Got himself well occupied with lots of stuff other than football and may not really be ready to go. Just what the coach wants.

posted by beaverboard at 03:28 PM on September 08, 2015

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