November 25, 2014

Cricketer Fighting for Life After Ball to Head: An Australian cricketer suffered a life-threatening injury when struck below his helmet while swinging at a cricket ball during a match in Sydney Tuesday. Phillip Hughes, 25, collapsed and his heart reportedly stopped before he was resuscitated. He was put in an induced coma at a hospital and is in intensive care. "In first class cricket, top batsmen face balls delivered at speeds approaching 100 miles an hour, so injuries aren't uncommon, but they are very rarely this serious thanks to the protection usually provided by padding and helmets" the Wall Street Journal explains.

Philip Hughes knocked down by brutal bouncer... by fazal-qadir

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Get well soon, Hughesy.

Helmets only came in to First Class and Test cricket in the late 1970s, and we never had them at all in junior and sub-district cricket. I've been hit in the head, but that was when fielding at short leg. My captain's only comment was "You should have caught it."

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That looks like the location Mike Coolbaugh was hit when killed coaching first base in a minor league game for the Rockies. No update today on Hughes' condition.

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Having the ball come up from below in cricket adds a dimension to the danger of being struck. A batted ball in baseball presents the same sort of danger, but usually there is time to avoid (unless you are a pitcher) or deflect with the glove if you are a fielder. Trying to get out of the way after a swing and miss when the ball is moving upward would seem terribly difficult and only a full football style helmet would protect well in the area where Hughes was struck. It is always sobering to hear of an athlete in his prime being in danger of having his career or even his life in danger of ending.

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Old cricketer blames young cricketers for not learning how to get out of the way.

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Reports coming in that he didn't make it. RIP Phil Hughes. A great talent with plenty left to offer the world of cricket. Sad and tragic.

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Hughes suffered catastrophic injury to his vertebral artery, just like Coolbaugh. Here's an article on the rarity of the injury.

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Tributes from Kolkata and Islamabad.

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