July 27, 2014

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I went to the Fulham/D.C. United friendly at EverBank Field in Jacksonville yesterday, which was the opening act to the unveiling of the largest stadium video boards on the planet and a Carrie Underwood concert.

Moussa Dembele scored the first goal for Fulham, which made me wonder how in the world he ended up back at the team after its relegation to the Championship.

There's a second Moussa Dembele! The original is still with Spurs. The new one scored two more goals for his second hat trick in three months. He got one in the Under-18 Premier League tournament final in May.

As for the game, the crowd was so small at kickoff you could hear the players yelling to each other on the field from my seat about 50 rows up in an end zone corner. It didn't fill until the last 10-20 minutes. Jacksonville packs the house for U.S. soccer -- we had the biggest crowd in the southeast to ever see the USMNT -- but this bunch was killing time until the video board and country music.

Incidentally, if you are a young woman attending a Carrie Underwood concert, the uniform of choice is tiny denim shorts and cowboy boots.

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I always wanted to go to the seaside with one of them country gals, and hang the beach towels on the airfoil of my Plymouth Road Runner to dry on the way home.

posted by beaverboard at 12:22 PM on July 27, 2014

In my neck of the woods tiny denim shorts are the uniform of choice for young women exiting their place of residence. Not so much with the cowboy boots. They've led me to believe that I've started to enter old man territory in the "How can you go out looking like that?!?!" vein, because the shorts are generally short enough that the front pockets poke out from underneath them, and it's quite obvious that the makers of the shorts have used patterned cloth on those protruding pieces because they're meant to be seen.

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Yup, it's the '70s all over again when it comes to shorts. It's pretty funny actually. The other day, a co-worker was complaining about the latest trend of jeans cut-off so short that the pockets protruded from the bottom of them. My reaction was, "OH FUCK, THE 1970S ARE BACK! WATCH OUT FOR THE GRAND FUNK REUNION!"

beaverboard: I was just in your paradise this past weekend. You can't beat those redneck southern outer banks beaches in North Carolina. Hope you like homemade tattoos so randomly placed that you may think you are talking to GG Allin.

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Having just witnessed a Beyonce Jay-Z "concert" last night I say amen to the FUNK reunion.

Pretty good gig those 2 have getting folks to shell out money to watch them perform karaoke (concert implies music, music implies musicians in my books).

Come to think of it the cutoff jean shorts and jack-shirts were out in full force and low quality tattoos particularly on the back of the neck are clearly also in vogue. Personal attire was greatly overshadowed by 40 "songs" with every single chorus containing the words "slap" "motherfucking" "bitch" "money" "shit" "crack" "murder" "hoes" arranged ?creatively.

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every single chorus containing the words "slap" "motherfucking" "bitch" "money" "shit" "crack" "murder" "hoes" arranged ?creatively

We're an American band
We're an American band
We're comin' to your town
We'll help you party it down
We're an American band

Tastes change. Ear of the beholder and all that. What's vulgar at one time is art at another. At least that's what Robert Herrick told me.
I dreamed this mortal part of mine
Was metamorphosed to a vine,

Which crawling one and every way
Enthralled my dainty Lucia.
Methought her long small legs and thighs
I with my tendrils did surprise;
Her belly, buttocks, and her waist
By my soft nervelets were embraced.
About her head I writhing hung,
And with rich clusters (hid among
The leaves) her temples I behung,
So that my Lucia seemed to me
Young Bacchus ravished by his tree.
My curls about her neck did crawl,
And arms and hands they did enthrall,
So that she could not freely stir
(All parts there made one prisoner).
But when I crept with leaves to hide
Those parts which maids keep unespied,
Such fleeting pleasures there I took
That with the fancy I awoke;
And found (ah me!) this flesh of mine
More like a stock than like a vine.

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Then there's this, 300 or so years later:

I love your poise
Of perfect thighs
When they hold me
In paradise
I love you garb'd But naked more

- Warren G. Harding, the POTUS with the Lotus

posted by beaverboard at 12:24 PM on July 29, 2014

Pretty good gig those 2 have getting folks to shell out money to watch them perform karaoke (concert implies music, music implies musicians in my books).

Why did you go?

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 06:51 PM on July 29, 2014

Why did you go?

My kid and a friend were going and I had to drive them. Our stadium is built in an area that takes about an hour to get in and out of so simply dropping them off wasn't an option. Being that there were lots of tickets unsold they were being blown out for $18 plus fees and I figured it was the best bet; I also have a wide ranging taste in music and enjoy most any live performance.

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I saw Jay-Z and Kanye West a couple of years ago and they were fantastic. But if that is not what you are in to I can understand why you would not enjoy it.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 07:11 PM on July 30, 2014

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