December 07, 2012

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle:

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A few notes on the upcoming college bowl season:

- The Compass Bowl will be a bit short on magnetism, having invited two 6-6 teams.

- A weather alert has been issued for the Liberty Bowl, which hosts a matchup between the Cyclones and Golden Hurricane.

- A campground cooler alert has been issued for the Holiday Bowl, which features the Bears and Bruins.

- A mascot mayhem alert has been issued for the New Orleans Bowl between the Pirates and Ragin' Cajuns.

- Cotton Bowl broadcasters have been warned that they'll be reprimanded if Johnny Manziel appears on screen in his ATM helmet and they refer to him as "money in the bank".

- Craig James' request to have Rick Leach named Grand Marshal of the Outback Bowl has been denied. James mistakenly thought that "outback" meant "behind the shed".

- The Go Daddy Bowl will be played by two teams whose coaches have left to take jobs at other schools.

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It looks like you can put a bullet into the head of the 2012-13 NHL season at this point.

I guess the London Knights are going to be the big hockey story for this season, just like the last time there was a cancelled NHL season.

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Hazards of Formula One Extend Beyond the Racecourse:

"As the investigations gather steam, it is unclear what will happen to the company. In large measure, Formula One is Mr. Ecclestone. It is a league dependent on race organizers, many of whom are Mr. Ecclestone's friends and peers. If he is not involved to orchestrate the league, there is no clear successor to manage these relationships."

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The thing with Bernie is the teams basically gave him the rights to F1 despite him not actually owning them. There was a great quote from Patrick Head that I read a few years ago about this and how they did it. Twice.

Bernie is in a LOT of trouble in various places around the globe, and at this point I imagine he's largely assuming he'll be long in the grave before it comes to anything.

The "no line of succession" thing is rather worrying. I would expect if Bernie dropped tomorrow, unless there's some secret will bequeathing F1 to his cat or something, then we will see political shenanigans and powerplays far FAR in excess of what we've seen before, and I fully expect Ferrari to make a play to claim the sport for themselves. (Since the other teams already have to pay Ferrari a fee due to their historical significance. No I am not joking.)

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